Tips for using Zoom - East Cheshire Hospice

Tips for using Zoom

With so many virtual events taking place throughout 2020 and early 2021, most people are quite comfortable with using video chat software, specifically Zoom! This has been a fantastic platform to keep us all in touch with each other and works so well to host events, such as a virtual bake off!

Zoom has free and paid subscription options, so is a great option to choose – other similar platforms are available – access and sign up here…

  • Using the free service you can host 40 minute calls (although sometimes they have offers of upgrading your call if it is your first time), if you have used it before and have the free version, you may wish to schedule 2 x 40 minute calls with a break in between.
  • Set up your meeting ahead of time to create a link that can be shared amongst those you wish to invite to participate.
  • There are options to allow your device’s camera and microphone to be used. Click these so they are uncrossed so that everyone can see and hear you.
  • You can find tips and instructions online – there are videos on Youtube and AgeUk have put together a guide to using zoom for the first time, which could be useful if this is new to you!