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Hospice @Home

Given the choice, most of us would like to spend our final days in a place where we feel most at home. However, for many people this is not possible, due to limited resources which can lead to unwanted admissions to hospital.

We believe that people facing end of life should have the choice to receive care wherever they feel most comfortable. East Cheshire Hospice @Home has been developed to try and give end of life patients more choice and control. Our aim is to empower people to remain at home if they wish to, by offering high quality end of life care and support in the community.

We are here to provide you and your loved ones with complete peace of mind.

How can we help?

The Hospice @Home team is made up of experienced specialist nurses and highly trained healthcare assistants, who can offer hands on practical and nursing support, to enable patients and their families who are coping with an end of life situation to remain at home whenever possible.

Our main role is to provide support in a number of ways when other services are limited.

We’ve been serving the East Cheshire community for around 30 years, and we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver end of life care effectively and compassionately.  We will also provide support and care for your family, carers and other loved ones.

How do I get referred?

If you require extra support, please speak to your District Nurse, Macmillan Nurse, GP or hospital team, who can quickly refer you to the Hospice @Home Service.

What we can offer

The care provided by the team will then be tailored to your specific needs and preferences, following an assessment by your District Nurse or a qualified East Cheshire Hospice @Home nurse. Our aim will be to stabilise your symptoms and offer support so that you can stay where you feel most at home.

For questions regarding our services, please contact the Hospice @Home team on 01625 664 999

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Read our Introduction to the Hospice @Home services leaflet for more information on what services we can offer…

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