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Social Support

Social Support

The presence of a life-limiting illness in a family is often accompanied by unexpected consequences: how long as a patient you can continue to work; what care is needed and who will provide it; and your family’s financial and legal situation pre- and post-bereavement. It can seem like a maze.

Our social workers are here to give practical advice and guidance for the whole family. We take time to understand your individual needs and wishes, helping you directly and sign posting you to other useful organisations and resources.

Planning your care

This is often the starting point for our social workers when patients and families need a helping hand to locate and co-ordinate the most effective care as illness progresses. The Hospice has long-standing and excellent links with partner organisations such as Age UK, the British Red Cross and Cheshire Carers to help you reach the right resources quickly.

In your best interests

We always strive to work in your best interests. If you are working, we can help you with advice on your employment rights, available benefits and returning to work after a specific treatment. We are not qualified lawyers or financial advisors, but we can point you in the right direction to make arrangements like Lasting Power of Attorney and to access possible funding for your care.

At your side

Difficult conversations are a common feature for families making this journey. Our social workers can act as your advocate to facilitate these discussions with family members, other healthcare professionals and advisors in the legal and financial professions, for example.

For more information

To contact a social worker, please call 01625 610364 or email at Sometimes we can put your mind at rest in a simple phone call, so whatever your query, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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