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Furniture Collection Service

FREE Furniture Collection Service

Did you know that we offer a free furniture collection service?

If you have any good quality furniture that you would like to donate to one of our shops to sell, please get in contact with either our Thornton square shop on 01625 408992 or our Handforth Shop on 01625 404104 or complete the form below and we will arrange for our furniture collectors to come by and pick up your items!

It is so easy and convinient to donate this way and can provide some vital funds for our Hospice.

Furniture Collection Contact Form

  • Attach a picture of the item of furniture that you would like to donate

How to donate to East Cheshire Hospice

Thank you so much for choosing to support East Cheshire Hospice. You may never know how much your gift means, but we know that it will make the world of difference to our patients and their families.