Spotlight on Community Dementia Volunteering - East Cheshire Hospice

Spotlight on Community Dementia Volunteering

With Dementia affecting 1 in 14 people in our community, East Cheshire Hospice is proud to play its part.

You can help us to deliver amazing care that helps a person with early stage dementia and their carer too. A volunteer is matched up with a person based on shared interests, so they can enjoy things in common, whilst giving their carer a few hours break, during which time they could get their hair done, meet friends, take exercise, or whatever suits them.

This can take place any time during the day and we ask the volunteer to commit to a couple of hours, once a week or fortnight. No personal care is involved, and full support will be given to you throughout training and volunteering, so you can concentrate on enjoying making a real difference to the life of the person and their carer.

You don’t need to have had any previous experience of working with people with dementia – a caring nature and a willingness to learn are our only requirements!

For an informal chat contact Angela O’Mahony on or 01625 665682.