How to turn your activity into a fundraiser - East Cheshire Hospice

How to turn your activity into a fundraiser

There are a few ways that you could turn your fun activities into a fundraising opportunity: 

  • If you are organising the event amongst your family/friends/sports team/choir/classmates/colleagues, you might decide to ask them to donate in order to take part, £5 or £10 for example (almost like a ‘ticket’)  
  • If you are organising a competitive activity such as a bake-off, quiz, egg and spoon race where there is a first place and a last place, you might decide to make this interesting by adding in a stipulation that the worse you do, the more you donate. For example 1st place donates £10, 2nd place donates £20, 3rd place £30 and so on.  
  • You may decide to enjoy your activities first, then donate afterwards, when everyone has had a lovely time!  Donate to show your appreciation for the activity!
  • If you live close by to each other, and are hosting a bake off, you might wish to buy or bid for each other’s bakes, donating this money to the Hospice – you could deliver them at a social distance on your daily walk!

Ways to fundraise effectively

**You could just ask your friends and family to donate directly to the Hospice through our online donation form, but make sure you tell them to let us know they are donating towards your event’s fundraising!

**Collect the money in yourself and pay in the money you have raised here and let us know what you did to fundraise for us!

**You could start your own JustGiving page and share the link around to gain donations, this is a great way to track and share how much money you have raised and tell people why you would like to raise money for us!

**Start a Facebook Fundraiser to easily share with your friends on Facebook!