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Blood Transfusion Service

Outpatient transfusion service

Since 2014, East Cheshire Hospice has been working in collaboration with the East Cheshire Trust haematology and blood tranfusion teams to introduce an outpatient transfusion service at the Hospice, for patients diagnosed with a life limiting illness.

The aim of the service is to facilitate a safe blood tranfusion for patients either as a day case or short inpatient stay (dependant on medical history), providing them with a quick and reactive service in a relaxing environment.

Easy referral service

Blood tranfusions take place Tuesdays-Fridays between 9am and 5pm at the Hospice, and appointments are subject to availability. Referral to the service is easy; simply complete a referral form which is available to download below.

Complete referral forms should be faxed to 01625 665697 and one of our Advanced Nurse Practitioners will call to confirm receipt and book your patient into a convenient appointment.

Referral criteria

For Specialist Palliative Care Services Blood Transfusion:

  1. Patient needs to be ambulant and be able to attend to own hygiene needs with minimal assistance
  2. Patient needs to attend the Hospice for a planned cross match
  3. Patient needs to be able to sit in a chair for the day comfortably
  4. Patient needs to have family member or a friend stay with them overnight following transfusion
  5. Patient must have no history of previous blood transfusion reactions
  6. Please document on the referral form if irradiated blood is required
  7. Medical History will be seriously considered to make sure that the blook tranfusion can be facilitated as safely as possible within the Hospice environment. An overnight stay at the Hospice could be facilitated on a planned bases dependant on bed availability, and on assessment for safety, for patients with a cardiac and renal history or those needing more than 2 units.
  8. A recent blood test for U+E, LFTS and Hb needs to be documented on the referral form and within 5-7 days of transfusion (inc albumin and eGFR)
  9. Patient should be sympomatic with Hb less than 80.



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