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Shape Up With Sophie

Sophie Moores of Shape Up With Sophie is offering you;
  • One Instagram Live workout class per week which will take place on her Instagram page
    • 30 minutes long and varying each week in style between HIIT, Full Body Sweat, Dance Fitness, Barre Fit *see class descriptions below
  • One-to-one personal training sessions at a discounted rate of £15 for 45 minutes which will go ahead on zoom privately
    • free consultation discussing personal aims/goals prior to session/s and then these sessions will focus on working towards and achieving these (eg. cardio based, strength and conditioning, tone and sculpting etc.)
  • Inspiring article about my fitness journey, nutrition and lifestyle to encourage you on your journey!

Class Descriptions

Dance Fitness:

Dance Fitness is a fun energetic class that combines simple movements with non-stop music tracks to give you a sweaty, fun cardio blast! The second half of the class focuses on strength and conditioning with short circuits focusing on specific areas of the body.

Barre Fit:

Barre Fit is a tone and sculpt, low impact class which will give you a full body burn! It takes influences from Ballet, Pilates and Functional Training- combinations of simple iscolational movements will target specific body parts getting you fired up, pumped and strong!

Full Body Sweat:

Full Body Sweat is a high energy class combining strength training and cardio to give you a full body sweat session! We will alternate between weighted strength circuits and cardio circuits tiring out those muscles and pushing that energy level through the roof!


Personal Training Sessions

Private Online One-to-One Session (£15 for 45 mins):

These sessions will be individually tailored to your own personal aims and goals, through firstly an initial over the phone consultation. Following this, each of your sessions will be specifically designed so that you work and progress to your goals. This will all be carried out through professional coaching and guidance from myself, as well as continuous evaluation and analysis of your progress.

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