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Carla Gilder Fitness

Carla from Carla Gilder Fitness is offering you…

  • A FREE 7-day trial of on demandprogrammes and classes
  • £15 voucher towards any of their packages
  • New services from 2021…
    • Studiogym – 6 covid safe workout spaces, your space, your workout, follow our programme or audio workouts or do you own thing, switch off, workout and feel safe in a fun studiogym environment.
    • Personal training – we now have 4 personal trainers available to help you achieve your goals
    • Specialist classes & courses
    • Hiitstep – Brand new training concept using a step box, 30-minute workout to get you fit quick!
    • Knockout – Plyometric movements and all-round high intensity training blocks that build your fitness!
    • Barre – low impact, fitness inspired ballet style movements, no experience needed, amazing conditioning workout for legs, bums, tums
    • Meditation – beginners’ workshops and classes Take a breath and calm the mind, train your brain just like you train your body, the benefits are amazing and after 2020 it’s a great way to explore more ways to help yourself in day-to-day life.

To get in touch with Carla and book your 1 week free trial or sign up to any of the fitness courses and classes, please call/message 07753170424 and let Carla know that you are part of the East Cheshire Hospice Lbs 4 £s programme, or check out the website at
You can also follow Carla Guilder Fitness on Facebook
@CarlaGilderFitness or on Instagram @cgf_carlagilderfitness.

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