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Payroll Giving

How it works

Your pledge to East Cheshire Hospice

The cost to you if you are a standard rate tax payer (20%)

The cost to you if you are a higher rate tax payer (40%)

£5 £4 £3
£10 £8 £6
£15 £12 £9


How to start your Payroll Giving

Step 1: sign up with a Payroll Giving Agency (PGA)

Simply choose from one of the HMRC approved agencies at Complete their registration agreement form and return it to them.

Your PGA will then validate your employees’ nominated charities and distribute the donations.

PGAs usually charge an admin fee, typically no more than four per cent, which is deducted from your employees’ donations before they are distributed to charities. You can choose to cover this charge so that 100 per cent of your employees’ donations go to their chosen charities.

Step 2: promote your payroll giving scheme

Many of your employees may not be aware of payroll giving or the benefits donating to the scheme has for charities like East Cheshire Hospice.

You could send out an all-staff email, promote this on your social channels, place an advert on your staff intranet, distribute flyers and posters or hold a payroll giving event (in person or virtually).

For more ideas or advice or to access promotional materials please contact:

Step 3: get everyone on board

Get the support of senior management, payroll, and human resources right from the start. Let them know how great payroll giving is, and the benefits of regular giving to East Cheshire Hospice. Your payroll team is particularly important – most payroll systems can facilitate payroll giving, it usually just needs a box ticking. They then process the deductions and forward all the donations to your payroll giving agency.

Step 4: sign up time

All your employees need to do now is sign up. Simply ask them to download the form below (coming soon!), fill it out, and then send these to your payroll department.

Step 5: the giving begins

Now you’re set up for payroll giving and your employees have signed up to the scheme, East Cheshire Hospice will start to receive your donations. Your participating employees’ payslips will display their donation alongside any other deductions they have signed up to.

How to donate to East Cheshire Hospice

Thank you so much for choosing to support East Cheshire Hospice. You may never know how much your gift means, but we know that it will make the world of difference to our patients and their families.