Mindfulness Blogs by Lindsay Dobson - East Cheshire Hospice

Mindfulness Blogs by Lindsay Dobson

We are living through something none of us have ever experienced before. Through a time when fear and grief as well as kindness and compassion has brought the world together. It’s impossible to avoid or ignore this, especially when you’re working with those who need your care, or you yourself are at home, due to the risk you face.

Whilst I cannot be there in person and can only imagine the challenges you face right now, I thought I would offer some of the things that have helped me face challenges. Mindfulness is one I use daily to help me through.

So if it will be of help, I will offer what I know as some short bite size practices you can use at home or work, at any time that emotions or life starts to feel to overwhelming to deal with and there is nobody to turn to. Mindfulness cannot take away our fear or grief, but it can help us hold it gently and learn to walk with the weight of it. It can also help us get back in touch with our compassion, when we are so worn down by grief that it threatens to consume it.

Lindsay Dobson – Children’s Services at East Cheshire Hospice

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