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Shop and Give

How does ShopAndGive work?

TheGivingMachine receives commission for referring customers to online shops. When someone clicks from our website, mobile app or desktop reminder app to a retailer and makes a purchase we receive a percentage of the total purchase price – this is generally known as affiliate marketing. We then pass on up to 50% of that commission to the causes you are supporting.

Why sign up as a Giver on ShopAndGive?

  • It’s completely free for you and the causes you support
  • As a charity, ShopAndGive by TheGivingMachine is able to pass on more commission than commercial alternatives
  • You can choose from over 2,200 of your favourite retailers
  • There are thousands of causes to support
  • You are in control and decide the causes you want to support
  • You can raise funds for up to four causes
  • It’s super simple – so why wouldn’t you?

Below you will find the link to your own cause page. You’ll want to use this link whenever you talk about your Shop&Give account as it takes your supporters straight to the East Cheshire Hospice fundraising page where they can sign up as a East Cheshire Hospice Supporter.

How to donate to East Cheshire Hospice

Thank you so much for choosing to support East Cheshire Hospice. You may never know how much your gift means, but we know that it will make the world of difference to our patients and their families.