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Sunflower Tributes

A timeless tribute to your loved one

A Sunflower Tribute page is the perfect way to celebrate the life of your loved one. It offers the opportunity for you and those who knew your loved one to join together to share memories, photos, music and also mark special occasions.

Your online Sunflower Tribute will remain for as long as you want and is free and simple to create. A Sunflower Tribute ensures that the memory of your loved one lives on forever, allowing you and those who knew them to continue to celebrate their life for many years to come.

With your tribute page, you, family and friends can:

  • Share details of you loved one’s funeral or memorial event
  • Post precious photos, videos and music
  • Share loving stories and memories
  • Mark anniversaries or special occasions by lighting a candle of leaving a gift
  • Add events that you or others are participating in to honour their memory
  • Collect donations and sponsorship raised in memory


How long does it take to set up a Sunflower Tribute page?

It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to set up a page and the process is very simple however we are always more than happy to help. Contact Amy on (01625) 665688 or email at with any questions. 

How do I share my page?

You can email the link to friends and family, and you can also share it via social media. Your Sunflower Tribute URL can be found under Advanced in Tribute Settings. 

What can I do once my page is set up and friends and family have been notified?

It is up to you how active you keep your Sunflower Tribute. You may wish to upload your favourite photographs and videos, post comments and light candles in memory your loved one.   Allowing public access means that relatives and friends can view and contribute to the page. This then makes it a shared memorial space.   

How long will my Sunflower Tribute last?

The Sunflower Tribute page will last forever: you can keep adding to it with messages, stories and events for as long as you want. 

How will my Sunflower Tribute page help East Cheshire Hospice?

You and your family and friends can all safely make donations through your Sunflower Tribute page by clicking the ‘Donate’ button. These donations come directly through to us and enable us to continue providing vital care and support to so many people in our local community. Your page will tell you how much money has been raised so far and there are no minimum or maximum donation amounts. 

Need to speak to someone? 

For more information about our Sunflower Tribute Pages and help setting yours up, please contact Amy on (01625) 665688 or email at