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Stay Awake For 24 Hours

Have you got what it takes to keep yourself awake for 24 hours? This tiring challenge will leave you a little delirious, but the fundraising possibilities are pretty serious!

Still awake? Prove it!

A great way to keep the challenge fun and entertaining, as well as proving to your potential donors that you’re not secretly snoozing is by livestream it. You could then plan different games, activities and even guests through the day (and night) and really make an event of it!

You can livestream on most social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Just make sure you have a good internet connection. To avoid any nightmares, try not to forget you’re on camera and do anything embarrassing!


How do I get started?

Start by setting up your Just Giving page here and follow the simple step-by-step process to creating your fundraising page. Make sure to fill in the details about your virtual challenge, set yourself a fundraising target, add a link to your livestream and share your page with friends and family on social media, email, WhatsApp, text… And away you go! You can even livestream directly from your JustGiving page so everything is in once place.


Keep yourself awake whilst raising those vital funds for East Cheshire Hospice.


It costs £7,500 to keep the Hospice running for 1 day, so every penny that you can raise is important. You may never know exactly how your support will help but you can be assured that the impact your support will have on local families who can benefit from the Hospice services at one of the most difficult and emotional times will be huge and ever so appreciated.

If you would like any advice or if you have any questions at all please contact or call 01625 433477

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How to donate to East Cheshire Hospice

Thank you so much for choosing to support East Cheshire Hospice. You may never know how much your gift means, but we know that it will make the world of difference to our patients and their families.