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Ping Pong Fight Club

It is time to shine and let those hidden ping pong skills free! Create your own Ping Pong Fight Club fundraising event and go head to head with family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, anyone that wants to get involved and raise those vital funds for East Cheshire Hospice.


How do I get started?

Start by getting in touch with your local sports centre and see if you can hire out some of the ping pong equipment for an afternoon. Organise someone or a couple of people to umpire the event and keep a leader board score. Ask participants to donate £5 to take part in the competition or £2 for spectators. Organise prizes for the winners, and you could even have a food and drinks stand set up for the day.

If you have your own ping pong table at home, why not gather some friends and hold a smaller scale competition.


There is only one rule for Ping Pong Fight Club: Tell EVERYONE about Ping Pong Fight Club!


It costs £7,500 to keep the Hospice running for 1 day, so every penny that you can raise is important. You may never know exactly how your support will help but you can be assured that the impact your support will have on local families who can benefit from the Hospice services at one of the most difficult and emotional times will be huge and ever so appreciated.

If you have any questions at all please contact or call 01625 433477

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