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Set Up a Regular Payment

You’re moments away from saving the day and becoming an East Cheshire Champion!

Why give a regular gift? Why give a regular gift?

Regular gifts help us to plan for our future by providing a predictable income, something which is invaluable when we are budgeting for services. This means that not only can we care for our patients and their families today, but also plan our services for the coming months and years.

A regular gift to the Hospice, however much you can afford, is a wonderful way to show you care. Over a 12-month period your support could have a huge impact and help our nurses provide vital physical, emotional, social and psychological support to our patients and those close to them, support that is just not available anywhere else.

Where your money goes

We couldn’t fund our life changing work without your help. That’s why we’re committed to making every penny count.

Out of every £1, 54p goes directly to patient care on our Inpatient Unit (ward) and Hospice at Home
25p goes on fundraising activities organised by the Hospice and the local community
13p goes towards our Sunflower Wellbeing Centre and outpatient services
8p goes to our family support services, outreach and education

Keep giving the super power of support to help us and our local heroes.

You don’t need a cape to be a superhero. As we well know from the incredible local heroes that work for us, real people have super powers too. Just giving us the super power of support – by setting up a regular gift donation with East Cheshire Hospice – will help to keep our doors open, strengthen our precious services, and give thousands of people a better quality of life, when they need it most.

Why we need champions like you

At East Cheshire Hospice, we work incredibly hard to make a difference to the lives of thousands of people suffering from life-limiting illnesses. From essential facilities to valuable support services, we give them and their families the care and support they need.

But, with only 17% of our funding coming from the government, we can only do all that with continued support from champions like you. By setting up a regular gift donation, you’ll become one of our East Cheshire Hospice Champions – with the power to make a huge difference to us, our patients, their families, and the local community.

Become an East Cheshire Champion

As an East Cheshire Champion, you’ll join our other champions to become a valuable member of our super strong team that helps to successfully run the hospice. By being part of our club of champions, you will:

Have exclusive access to the hospice - a privilege that our other supporters don’t get.
Have the chance to contribute ideas and make suggestions to make the hospice even better.
Be regularly informed how your heroic donations have helped the hospice and what they’ve paid for.
Be kept up to date with all the important news and events involving the hospice.

Every donation has an impact

Just £3 a month (or 10p a day) will make a big difference to everyone we care for at East Cheshire Hospice.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re feeling inspired to make a real difference and join our club of champions to support us and our community, all you need to do is set up a regular gift donation.

Just hit the donate button and become an East Cheshire Champion today!