Local Hens Eggschange their Produce for Donations - East Cheshire Hospice

Local Hens Eggschange their Produce for Donations

It’s no yoke – eggs are a cracking way to raise money for East Cheshire Hospice.

Schoolgirl Freya Eeles (11) discovered that by selling them outside her step mum’s home in Hallefield Crescent, Macclesfield.

A dozen hens kept on land behind the house work overtime and with a suggested donation of 10p an egg which goes into an honesty box almost £200 has been raised for the Hospice.

A WhatsApp group alerts neighbours when fresh supplies are ready for collection.

Step mum April Smith said: “Freya loves the hens and our two pygmy goats and helps clean them out and feed them.

“My partner Mark gets up at 5 am every day to let the hens out and waters and feeds them.

“The neighbours love the eggs for breakfast and we want to thank the whole neighbourhood for supporting us.

“The Hallefield area is a brilliant community and everyone who lives here says the same thing. We wouldn’t want to live anywhere else and we’re all there for each other.

“We’re friends as well as neighbours.”

Freya with one of her hens called Gladys.

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How to donate to East Cheshire Hospice

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