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East Cheshire Champions!

The search is on for Superheroes with the power to save the day and help East Cheshire Hospice!

The Hospice’s new marketing campaign, featuring a comic book theme, encourages the public to become East Cheshire Champions by making regular monthly payments.

Mail shots have been sent to 24,000 households and social media activity will also help promote the initiative.

The Regular Giving campaign has been planned since before Covid-19 struck.

However, it takes on even greater significance with the Hospice unable to stage mass-gathering fundraising events for the foreseeable future.

Events such as Splash Out were cancelled because of Covid-19.

Beth England, the Hospice’s Individual Giving Fundraiser, said: “The real Superheroes are members of the community – without their support our incredible nurses couldn’t do what they do.

“Regular gifts help us to plan for our future by providing a predictable income which is invaluable when we’re budgeting for services.

“This means that not only can we care for our patients and their families today, but also plan our services for the coming months and years.

“People can donate what they want – it could be anything from £3 to £25 a month.

“A £3 donation, or 10p a day, might not seem that much, but it really makes such a difference, especially if the community joins together.

“Just £7 a month could help pay for vital one-to-one nursing on our in-patient unit, delivering expert and compassionate care to our patients.

“Over a 12-month period your support could have a huge impact and help our nurses provide vital physical, emotional, social and psychological support to our patients and those close to them. This support is just not available anywhere else.”

The Hospice receives only 17 per cent of its funding from the government. The approximate breakdown of spending on every £1 income is –

* 54p directly on patient care for its inpatient unit and Hospice @Home.

*25p on fundraising activities organised by the Hospice and local community.

* 13p towards its Sunflower Wellbeing Centre and outpatient services.

* 8p on family support services, outreach and education.

Subscribers to the Regular Giving initiative will become an East Cheshire Champion and enjoy exclusive access to the Hospice.

They can contribute ideas and make suggestions to further improve the Hospice and receive regular updates, including how donations help and fund the charity.

* For more details visit eastcheshirehospice.org.uk/eastcheshirechampions


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How to donate to East Cheshire Hospice

Thank you so much for choosing to support East Cheshire Hospice. You may never know how much your gift means, but we know that it will make the world of difference to our patients and their families.