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Leek United Fundraising Antics

Customers at the Macclesfield branch of Leek United Building Society were surprised when Veronica McNeil was strangely quiet one morning.

Veronica was taking part in a sponsored silence and raised £169 during a campaign by Leek United to help three charities, including East Cheshire Hospice.

The initiative by staff and customers across its 12 branches raised over £13,000, a total matched pound‐for-pound by the Society to just over £26,000. This therefore resulted in a donation of £8,681.12 to the Hospice as its share.

Veronica, from Macclesfield, said: “I can talk a lot and when my line manager jokingly asked whether I’d ever thought of a sponsored silence as my contribution I did ask him what he was trying to say.

“There’s no way I could have lasted a full day, so I did it for four hours. It was hard at times and I’m no good at charades which didn’t help.

“When customers said ‘hello’ I waved and Post‐it Notes came in useful.

“My colleagues Angela Ravenscroft, Debbie Swindley and Rukaya Sajid explained to customers what was happening and some generously made donations.”

A quiz, auction and endurance challenge were among other fundraising challenges in the group. Leek United is a regular supporter of the Hospice and makes donations through a savings scheme.

Home‐Start Staffordshire Moorlands and Treetops Hospice Care in Derbyshire were the other charities to receive donations from this latest initiative.

Leek United Building Society Branch Manager Veronica McNeil held a sponsored silence. 

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