Regular Giving Fundraising Update - East Cheshire Hospice

Regular Giving Fundraising Update

The new Regular Giving campaign launched by East Cheshire Hospice comes amid ongoing uncertainty over future fundraising events.

With traditional ways of raising income via mass gathering events currently unavailable, the Hospice has turned to other methods of attracting help from the public.

Individual Giving Fundraiser Beth England said: “Our Now More than Ever campaign was launched as a result of Covid-19 and received amazing immediate support. We hope to keep that momentum and this latest campaign ties in quite nicely as a follow on.

“We had a massive influx of one-off donations from people doing community-spirited  events, including online, but as lives return to normal we won’t have as many of those fundraising initiatives.

“We’ll put on events in a safe socially-distant environment when we can, but without those events  that’s why fundraising through Regular Giving is so important.”

Beth’s new role, which also includes securing help from legacies, was created in February when she moved from the Hospice’s community fundraising team.

“We’ve always had the option for people to sign up to Regular Giving, but there’s now more of a focus.

“Covid-19 put a spanner in the works for preparations, but now is the right time to re-launch because we need long-term consistent help.

“It gives us stability and a reliable income. It’s really important to know that money will be coming in every month as we plan for the future and figure out new ways of fundraising so we can keep our services going.”

Beth England, Individual Giving Fundraiser at East Cheshire Hospice.

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