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Sustainability at East Cheshire Hospice

East Cheshire Hospice has launched a major campaign this year to become more sustainable.

Changes have been brought in across the charity’s operations as part of concerted eco-friendly initiatives.

Reducing food waste and energy use are among actions taken at its Millbank Drive site. Other measures to reduce the Hospice’s carbon footprint include:

* Ensuring most suppliers and contractors are local to the Hospice.

* Installing solar panels.

* Using reusable crockery, cutlery and drinking cups where possible. A new coffee bar in reception uses biodegradable cups.

* Growing herbs and vegetables in the Hospice grounds.

Catering and housekeeping activities have been a key focus in the environmental push.

The Hospice has managed to cut the amount of food deliveries, while at the same time increasing the choice of menus available for patients.

Cleaning products for sanitisers and floors are now more eco-friendly, while the Hospice has changed recycling contractors to ensure general waste is filtered.

More LED lighting has been installed, with greater awareness of the need to switch off computers and lights when not in use. The energy-saving measures also apply at the Hospice’s four shops.

Likewise, grills and ovens in the kitchen are used more economically, while a scrap metal dealer visits regularly to collect unwanted recyclable goods.

The Hospice even recycles empty ink cartridges, a revenue-generating scheme which is available for the wider community as well as staff.

General services manager Michelle Walker-Brown (left) and Jean Chaddock, head of housekeeping, with environmentally-friendly cleaning products at East Cheshire Hospice.

General services manager Michelle Walker-Brown said: “We try to use our food ingredients in a diverse way, across starters, main courses and desserts to save costs. We also use seasonal produce which lasts longer.

“We’ve trained staff on how to throw away less food safely and removed less popular or time-consuming dishes from our menus.

“We’ve tried to reduce having lots of different stock delivered. We don’t have a lot of storage space, so try to avoid having all fridges and freezers running where possible to save energy.”

The charity made an appeal to the public earlier this year to help fund solar panels.

The Hospice @Home team have introduced a hybrid car, with EV chargers also at the disposal of staff and visitors.

Michelle said: “Our aim is to be a sustainable healthcare system that respects and protects the environment, while continuing to improve the quality of life and care of our patients.”

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