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New in-memory fundraising assistant at East Cheshire Hospice

Volunteering at East Cheshire Hospice gave Amy Williams an idea about a change of career.

The mother-of-three only joined the charity in March, helping day care patients every Tuesday in the Sunflower Centre.

Weeks later she saw that the Hospice were advertising for an in-memory fundraising assistant and decided to give up her teaching job.

Amy Williams, the new in-memory fundraising assistant at East Cheshire Hospice.

Amy, who taught English part-time at All Hallows Catholic College in Macclesfield, has just started her full-time role in the Hospice’s fundraising team.

Amy, from Bollington, said: “I fell in love with the Hospice and when the job came up here it felt like a really good opportunity to develop the relationships I’d built up in the Sunflower Centre.

“I taught for nearly 20 years and loved the job, but was ready for something different. Coming to the Sunflower Centre helped me understand I’ve got transferable skills and can adapt and change.

“I’m still working with people, helping support those who use the Hospice and making a difference for them. For me, helping people is a massive part of my career.”

Amy will continue holding her weekly Sunflower sessions, running activities such as baking, crafts, painting and sewing.

That will help develop relationships with patients and families, a fundamental aspect of her newly-created fundraising role.

Amy, who has sons Gethin (12), Evan (9) and a daughter Megan (7), will also attend meetings with ward colleagues, bringing her closer to inpatients and their relatives.

She said: “Hopefully, I’ll become a face families will recognise and know. If they value the experience and service they’ve had, they may want to give something back and do something in someone’s honour.

“For many, fundraising in memory of a loved one and celebrating that life is part of the grieving process. For some that may come two years later, or two months later.

“When that time comes people may want to get involved. It could be through a funeral donation, a fundraising challenge, holding an event, creating a tribute page, joining our lottery, or volunteering their time.

“The idea is that I meet those families on their journey, so we can tailor their relationship with us. Every family will be different and they might not know quite what to do, or how to approach it. I can give them that guidance.”

* To contact Amy email To set up a Sunflower Tribute visit

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