Staff Profile: Conor Stubbs - IT Engineer - East Cheshire Hospice

Staff Profile: Conor Stubbs – IT Engineer

East Cheshire Hospice has been leading the way using innovative technology to overcome Covid 19 challenges.

The Hospice’s IT engineer Conor Stubbs has implemented major infrastructure changes which benefit patients, families and staff.

The pandemic sped up the introduction of the new systems which mean the Hospice now has a more modern streamlined approach to its computer use.

Conor said: “Technology has been at the forefront of how we’ve run our services during Covid and beyond, with Microsoft 365 our main hub for applications and productivity.

“It’s enabled us to collaborate, share and work more effectively and remotely. We’ve also given in-house IT training for staff to enable them to understand how to use our systems.”

One such innovation saw clinicians use smart devices to connect patients on the ward with loved ones, an essential online facility during the crisis because of restrictions on bedside visits.

Video conferencing has allowed staff to stay connected and the platform has also hosted fundraising events, including quizzes and games plus virtual events with high-profile speakers.

The Hospice’s Time to Remember services held in the chapel are hosted on Zoom and the website for access by the bereaved. These may continue online even when families are allowed to attend again.

Advanced technology also helps manage the charity’s fundraising by connecting with donors and identifying opportunities for growth.

The Hospice’s clinical care was already supported by EMIS Web, a system allowing clinicians to access patient records in real time.

This data sharing with other health care professionals enhances patient care and delivers high quality treatment.

Conor said: “We’ve got the best of both worlds – improved technology and face-to-face contact now we can start bringing people back into the building again.

“We want patient care to be the best experience and technology helps communication for relatives who might still be unable to access our site.

“Working in this fantastic environment caring for people with life-limiting illnesses is a proud and fulfilling job.

“I got involved in IT from a young age and was brought up with technology, from gaming to building and repairing PCs and even helping out in the family with their gadgets.

“IT is a hobby and something I’m passionate about. There’s so many different sectors in the IT industry to learn and ever-changing technologies make it an exciting career.”


East Cheshire Hospice IT engineer Conor Stubbs.

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