Open your garden to support East Cheshire Hospice - East Cheshire Hospice

Open your garden to support East Cheshire Hospice

Would you like to show off your garden to support East Cheshire Hospice?

Green-fingered gurus are invited to share their passion for gardening with visitors.

The Hospice will provide a fundraising pack to help home owners who join its Opens Gardens scheme.

Last summer Bill and Julie North entertained visitors at their beautiful garden on Kennedy Avenue and the couple are planning to do the same again this year.

Bill and Julie North who are opening up their garden again for East Cheshire Hospice.

Claire Gorton, community fundraising assistant at the Hospice, said: “Many wonderful gardens are hidden away and Open Gardens is the perfect opportunity to share them with others.

“We’re here to help anyone who wants to take part and our fundraising pack includes a guide, collection boxes, collection buckets, balloons, banners and posters.

“We’ll also send a digital resources pack which includes directions and safety signage, an event checklist and fundraising ideas.

“Those who want to get involved need to choose a date and time and an entry fee. We recommend between £3 and £5.

“People can decide if they want to set a fundraising target, if they have a goal, and if they want to provide teas and coffees, a cake stall, plant sale or raffle.

“Other things to think of are promoting it through friends and our website/social media and checking your garden is safe which might be whether there’s wobbly steps or a pond.”

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