Green Sustainability group - East Cheshire Hospice

Green Sustainability group

East Cheshire Hospice will give out wooden medals after its Starlight Walk at Capesthorne Hall on Thursday, April 27.

They will replace metal mementoes, while  T-shirts will not be issued to walkers, as part of environmental savings.

In addition, the Hospice may plant a commemorative tree for the King’s coronation in May, as a reminder of the pandemic and offsetting PPE used.

Sarah Dale BEM, Quality and Innovation Director at the Hospice, said: “We must use PPE for patient contacts to prevent the spread of any infection, not just Covid.

“Safety was ramped up during Covid and gloves and aprons are still always used for infection control. But now restrictions have eased, we don’t have to consistently wear masks.

Hospice analysts Paul Jones (left) and Conor Stubbs show off energy saving measures. 

“However, we’re encouraging staff to be more mindful of simple savings, like switching off lights in store rooms in clinical areas.”

Rachel Allcock, Director of Income Generation, said: “Some things we can control and some we can’t. For instance, we must dispose of medicines properly in a certain way which might not be environmentally friendly.

“We want to focus on the things we can influence and do the best we can. We’ve a responsibility to those supporters donating money to show that we don’t just provide care, but do so in a sustainable long-term way.”

East Cheshire leads the way among north west hospices striving for more sustainability and shares best practice with other facilities.

The Hospice is nominated for a Chamber of Commerce award for its investment in environmental work.

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