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Festive Afternoon Teas

Afternoon teas were delivered to homes as East Cheshire Hospice still made sure the festive season was celebrated in style.

The tasty treats were enjoyed by members of the Hospice’s friends and family support group at their virtual Christmas party.

Volunteer drivers took out the festive boxes prepared by the Hospice catering team in a doorstep delivery service which reflected the spirit of Christmas.

From left, staff nurse Joan Marie Williams, Denise Higginbotham from the catering team and volunteer drivers Peter Bedson and Richard Hayes.

The support group is for those looking after a family member or friend diagnosed with a life-limiting illness.

No link to the Hospice is required to be part of the group which meets on the first Tuesday of each month.

Sessions were at the Sunflower Centre until April and have been held via Zoom since the start of Covid-19.

Sunflower Centre Manager Helen Henshaw said: “For our December season  members would have been served a delicious Christmas lunch and enjoyed festive entertainment.

“So in keeping with our new technological skills we held a virtual Christmas lunchtime party which allowed everyone to enjoy the contents of the boxes and share amusing stories.

“This was a first for the Hospice and we were excited to be able to continue to offer this invaluable support.

“It also gave us the chance to wish goodbye to 2020 and pray for good health and better times in 2021.”

Anyone who provides care and support for an adult with a diagnosis of any life-limiting illness in Eastern Cheshire can access the self-referral friends and family service. For more information contact the unit on 01625 665685.

Helen said: “The group offer time to talk, share, relax and support others in a similar situation. It’s also worth stressing the group is also open to those who might not necessarily have a connection to the Hospice.

“Staff within the unit adapted quickly after Covid-19 and set themselves a challenge, initiating the use of Zoom to continue the monthly support sessions.

“These have continued during this unusual year and feedback from our service users has been extremely positive and a lifeline during lockdowns.

“We’d like to thank everyone who contributed towards making our virtual afternoon tea such a success, especially our volunteer drivers and our catering team.”

Staff nurse Joan Marie Williams and Carol Schofield from the Sunflower Centre.

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