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East Cheshire Hospice’s Chestergate shop opening!

A shop run by East Cheshire Hospice has reopened more than two years after closing its doors.

Now the charity shop on Chestergate has made an urgent appeal for donations of clothing and accessories to put on sale.

The store greeted its first customers on Saturday (May 7), reviving the Hospice’s town centre retail presence.

The Chestergate premises have undergone a major refurbishment over the last few weeks to give it a completely new look.

The store had to close in March 2020 when the pandemic meant social distancing was impractical  due to space restrictions.

It became a bereavement centre briefly, but the Hospice realised the venue was unsuitable and are delighted it has now returned to its former retail use.

Hospice Commercial Manager Louise Delany said: “It’s great to be back in the town centre and although we’re in familiar surroundings, it’s a fresh new shop with a stylish and elegant interior.

“It looks and feels completely different than before, with a bright and modern yet rustic atmosphere throughout its two floors.

“There’s something for everyone here and we’d love it if people came along to see us.

“I must stress that we’re in need of more donations and now that we’ve opened hopefully people will drop by with items we can sell.

“We’d be grateful if supporters can look in their wardrobes and dig out any good quality clothing and bric-a-brac. We also want electrical items, but no toys and books.”

The shop is managed by Lindsay McDonald who previously worked at the Hospice’s Thornton Square shop.  It will be open six days per week (Mon- Sat 9.30 am to 4.30 pm). The charity also has shops in Poynton and Handforth.

Lindsay McDonald, manager of the new East Cheshire Hospice shop on Chestergate.

Hospice Marketing Manager Luke Brightmore said:  “Our retail shops are a hugely important part of our fundraising, and also an important connection to our community.

“Not only does selling your donated clothing, furniture and goods help raise vital funds for the Hospice and the work we do, but having these locations out in our communities where people can visit, interact and support us really helps to maintain that special bond that we have with our community.

“The new shop on Chestergate sells only the most beautiful pieces of clothing, accessories and other pre-loved items, and is also eco-conscious, striving for little to no unnecessary waste.”

The shop also needs  volunteers. Anyone interested can call 01625 511997.

Become a volunteer van driver!

East Cheshire Hospice is appealing for volunteer van drivers to help move furniture.

The role involves collecting furniture from donors’ homes and delivering items to the charity’s shops in Macclesfield, Poynton and Handforth.

The stock then needs to be taken out to customers’ homes.

Commercial manager Louise Delany said: “We’d love people to join our retail van crew and shifts are usually from 9 am until early afternoon.

“Volunteers can commit to once a week, once a fortnight, or on an ad hoc basis, depending on availability.

Volunteer van drivers John Mellor (left) and Tim Hine.

“Our team love what they do. It’s friendly and rewarding and really helps raise vital funds for our Hospice.

“We can raise about £10,000 a month from furniture donations and that makes a big difference to us.  Helpers are also raising the profile of the Hospice.

“Every time our van goes out in the neighbourhood, it makes the Hospice that bit more visible, and our volunteers are representing us.

“No experience is required, but you must be fit enough to move furniture around with a colleague. You don’t necessarily have to drive – we also need people to help carry items.”

* To apply, contact or call 01625 408992.

Meanwhile, the Hospice raised around £30,000 from a rug sale. Some 1,400 surplus rugs were donated to the Hospice. Around 500 are left and are on sale at the charity shops.

January Rug Sale

A massive rug sale is under way thanks to a generous gift to East Cheshire Hospice.

East Cheshire Hospice are selling new rugs of all shapes and sizes at its three shops at Thornton Square and in Handforth and Poynton.

Some 1400 rugs which were surplus stock were donated to the Hospice, with all proceeds going directly to fund patient care.

Hospice shop manager Pete Gorton and furniture co-ordinator Michele Slack with just a few of the rugs.  

The Hospice has also arranged a special sale at Macclesfield community centre – formerly Macclesfield senior citizens hall – on Duke Street.

The centre will be open for the rug sales from 10 am until 4 pm on three successive Saturdays, starting from January 8.

Commercial manager Louise Delany said: “It’s first come, first served basically at our three shops but because we’ve got so many we haven’t enough room to display as many as we’d like.

“Therefore, we’ve set up an opportunity for potential buyers to view them at our sales days at the community centre.

“There’s already been a big demand, but we’ve got hundreds of high quality rugs for sale, mostly for less than half the retail price.

“There’s a huge assortment of sizes, colours, patterns and prices.

“If people want to grab a great bargain then I suggest they visit our shops quickly, or come along on one of the three Saturdays.”

East Cheshire Hospice Christmas Cards 2021

East Cheshire Hospice is hoping for another merry Christmas with sales of its festive cards. East Cheshire Hospice raises between £15,000 to £20,000 each year from supporters buying Christmas cards.  The Hospice reluctantly halved its stock a year ago, with fewer locations open to sell cards during the pandemic.

But this year Christmas cards – costing £4 for packs of 10 – are available again at all usual outlets, along with pocket diaries at £2.

The items can be bought at the Hospice shops in Thornton Square, Macclesfield, Handforth and Poynton. Macclesfield Library and Wilmslow Library, along with Knutsford Cinema, are also now selling them until Saturday, December 4.

Cards can also be bought from the Hospice reception, although East Cheshire Hospice is requesting that customers only go there if necessary to keep visitor numbers to a minimum.

Cards can also be ordered via the Hospice’s website, or leaflets which have been distributed to supporters. Delivery charges will apply to cover admin costs for postal sales.

Commercial Manager Louise Delany said: “Our Christmas cards are always big sellers and are a great way to support the Hospice.  “They’re excellent quality with nice designs and we’d urge customers to hurry up and buy them because certain designs do sell out quickly.

“We sold out quickly last year when we had to halve our order because of Covid. “We’re asking people to try to visit our shops, or libraries, if they want to buy cards in person.

“Of course, they’re still welcome to come into the Hospice on Millbank Drive, but we’re encouraging people only to come in if they can’t get to other locations.”

That message is echoed by Clair Close, a Hospice volunteer for 15 years. Clair, from Macclesfield, started off in the Hospice’s choir. For the last seven years she has helped on reception and is also an admin volunteer for the medical team.

Hospice volunteer Clair Close shows off  the range of Christmas cards.

Clair said: “Our Christmas cards are always popular and we’ve already had a lot of interest this year. I enjoy volunteering here – it’s such a wonderful place and the money raised from the cards goes directly towards caring for our patients.”

Bargain furniture – helping fund patient care at East Cheshire Hospice

Bargain furniture is helping fund patient care at East Cheshire Hospice.

The Hospice generates around £10,000 a month from selling recycled furniture generously donated by the public.

The scheme is so popular the Hospice is now appealing for even more offers of unwanted furniture items. The goods are on display at the Hospice’s Thornton Square shop in Macclesfield, and its shops in Handforth and Poynton.

Furniture is often snapped up by bargain hunters as soon as it appears in stores and is advertised on the shops’ Facebook pages and Facebook Marketplace. The only condition for accepting furniture is that it is clean and sellable and has no scratches, unless of antique value.

Left, Lindsay McDonald, assistant manager at the East Cheshire Hospice shop at Thornton Square, with commercial manager Louise Delany

Commercial Manager Louise Delany said: “Furniture gets sold almost immediately and is extremely profitable for us. “That revenue is vital to allow us to provide care for our patients, their families and carers free of charge.”

“It costs £7,500 a day to run the Hospice, so the furniture revenue alone pays for well over a day’s care each month.” “We want to thank our donors for thinking of the Hospice when they’re replacing furniture and our message is that if more people have goods they want to donate, then we’re more than happy to take items from them.”

“Customers are delighted when they upcycle something because it saves the environment, saves money and also supports the Hospice at a time when we urgently need help, especially as our income fell during the pandemic.”

Hospice furniture co-ordinator Michele Slack can be contacted on 01625 409647 to arrange collections, or visit furniture donation page. Furniture sales can be made over the telephone. Volunteer van drivers collect and deliver furniture six days a week. Collections are free, with a £25 fee for deliveries.

Louise said: “We have a mix of retro and modern furniture and anything made of pine is always popular. Our van will go to anywhere the Hospice serves which is a wide area.

The charity’s ECHO shop in Poynton, which opened almost a year ago, has been a huge success generally and now has an antique corner and sells retro bric-a-brac. Louise said: “We’d love to have ornaments with some age to them. It doesn’t have to be antique.”

Hospice Shops Reopen

East Cheshire Hospice’s charity shops reopened on Monday (April 12) hoping for a surge in trade to make up for lost revenue.

The tills were ringing at the Thornton Square retail outlet and in the Hospice’s other shops at Handforth and Poynton after lockdown restrictions were eased.

The locations had to close at the start of the year, dealing a further financial blow to the Hospice which relies heavily on trading income to help fund patient care.

The Thornton Square and Handforth sites also faced long closures last year during the initial lockdown, while the charity’s new  ECHO shop in Poynton had to delay opening until September.

Commercial manager Louise Delany said: “It’s good to be back open again after such a frustrating time for our customers, staff and volunteers.

“We want to thank everyone for their patience and ongoing support and remind everyone that strict social distancing measures are in place.

“The closures were a big blow to Hospice income, but hopefully we can make up for some of the funds and donations we’ve missed out on.”

The only limit on donations is at Thornton Square where there is a maximum of two bags. Books should be taken to the shop rear for quarantine. CDs, DVDs, toys or soft toys are not accepted at Handforth.

Opening hours are 9.30 am-4.30 pm Mon-Sat. Furniture collection is also available to book here, or call 01625 409647.

An announcement about the former Chestergate shop is expected soon.

Louise Delany, Commercial Manager at East Cheshire Hospice.

Second Lockdown at the Hospice

Bedside visits to patients at East Cheshire Hospice are still being allowed during the new national lockdown.

There are already limited restrictions in place for visitors to the inpatient unit and these will continue over the four-week period.

The Hospice will also carry on with limited outpatient services at the Sunflower Centre, while the Hospice @Home service continues as normal.

Hospice shops at Thornton Square, Wilmslow and Poynton have closed until the lockdown ends on December 2, although online sales will continue via the shops’ Facebook pages.

Volunteers will continue to work on reception and staff will work from home where possible.

Meanwhile, the fundraising Firewalk event has been postponed from last Friday (Nov 6) to Friday 5th February 2021.

The Christmas tree collection will still go ahead on January 9/10 while complying to government restrictions.

Income Generation Director Rachel Allcock said: “We thank everyone for their patience and understanding during these difficult times.

“We will continue to deliver our services and will monitor the situation daily. If there is a change we will adapt accordingly to ensure we operate in a way that meets all Covid safety requirements. Our priority is the care of our patients in a safe and secure setting.”

The Hospice has not been able to hold a fundraising event since the last Christmas tree collection in January. A terrific community response has eased the financial strain and the hope is that the public will continue to support the Hospice during this latest lockdown.

Rachel Allcock, Income Generation Director at East Cheshire Hospice.

East Cheshire Hospice Gets a Helping Hand

East Cheshire Hospice is celebrating the opening of its new charity shop on Park Lane in Poynton this week.

The boutique will specialise in rediscovered treasures and was at risk of never being able to open its doors due to the fundraising challenges covid-19 has posed.

However, thanks to the gifts in kind and donations from local companies, it will open its doors to the public on Saturday 5th September 2020. Warrington based Caddick Construction is the latest to provide a helping hand, providing a £5,000 donation towards the shop’s fixtures and fittings.

l-r Aaron Day of Caddick Construction and Kate Bowmar of East Cheshire Hospice

Aaron Day, Site Manager at Caddick Construction, said: “Our team are delivering new developments at Alderley Park and our client, Bruntwood, introduced us to the East Cheshire Hospice team. We were delighted to make a donation to support such an important local charity and wish them the best of luck with the new boutique and their on-going fundraising efforts.”

Kate Bowmar, corporate fundraiser for East Cheshire Hospice, said: “The donations from Caddick Construction and other local businesses have been instrumental in the delivery of our new Poynton shop.

“The pandemic has had a huge impact on every charity’s fundraising efforts and earlier this year it looked as though we might not be able to open the new shop. We’re delighted to have been able to complete the fit out and create a fantastic welcoming environment that will encourage people to visit, discover treasures and hopefully donate pre-loved items, helping palliative care services across our local community.”

ECHO – Opening September 5th

East Cheshire Hospice opens the doors to its new charity shop ECHO in Poynton on Saturday, September 5.

Poynton was chosen as the location because the Hospice is keen to build a greater presence in the village to reflect the number of patients, volunteers and supporters who live there.

The opening has been delayed by four months because of Covid-19 and the Hospice has already been encouraged by the public response, even before the first item is sold.

The Park Lane shop will sell ladies, men’s and children’s clothes, shoes, handbags, toys, bric-a-brac and furniture.  Opening hours are Monday to Saturday (9 am – 5 pm).

Shop manager Emma Lloyd said: “This will be a charity shop like no other, selling good quality clothing and furniture at affordable prices.

“Value for money is even more important at the moment with the retail sector facing such a difficult time because of Covid-19.

“We wanted a presence in Poynton and believe the timing is right to open and in an ideal location in the centre of the village.

“We’re confident we’ll attract lots of customers whose support will benefit our patients.  All profits go directly to fund patient care.

“Poynton is in our catchment area, although some people mistakenly believe it’s served by our friends from St Ann’s Hospice.”

ECHO shop manager Emma Lloyd (left) and volunteer Dee Waters.

The shop is the charity’s fourth, with others at Thornton Square and Chestergate, Macclesfield, and Handforth.

ECHO, which prides itself on its eco-friendly approach, will be plastic-free. Hangers will be wooden and reclaimed timber boards have been used as part of this recycling project.

Emma said: “Our customers will be saving money and saving the environment by buying our second-hand goods, some of which are designer items.

“The feedback from the public as we’ve been preparing the shop and receiving donated items has been extremely positive. We want to thank our donors.”

Staff and volunteers have been recruited and the Hospice is asking for any unwanted items to be delivered to the back of the premises where parking is available. Items will be quarantined for 72 hours.

Furniture collections can be arranged by calling furniture co-ordinator and assistant manager Michele Slack on 01625 409647 or visit the Hospice website

Income from its charity shops provides a vital source of regular income for the Hospice, especially as fundraising revenue has dropped significantly because of the pandemic.

Local Businesses Back New Hospice Shop

Kind-hearted businesses have come to the rescue of East Cheshire Hospice by renovating its new shop.

Several firms including Bruntwood Properties, Ceiling Solutions, Cheshire Flooring and Andrew Delany Cabinet Makers and Carpenters supplied labour free of charge.

Caddick Construction donated £5,000 for fixtures and fittings at the Poynton shop while Richard Johnson, Director of Chestergate Properties, provided voluntary conveyancing advice.

Hospice Commercial Manager Louise Delany said: “The shop looks amazing and we’d like to say a massive thank you to all those who gave their time and skills to make it happen.

“The shop is spacious and stylish and without the generous support of different trades we wouldn’t have had the budget to open it.

“They offered to help us before Covid-19 and kindly honoured that agreement, even though businesses have obviously faced their own challenges because of the pandemic.”

Louise’s husband Andrew made a bespoke reception desk, while Dean Broad and sons Ethan, Connor and Jordan, from Ceiling Solutions, provided building and plastering expertise.

That they are all from the same family meant they could continue working at the height of lockdown.

Andrew Delany with the reception desk he built.

Dean Broad with sons (from left) Ethan, Connor and Jordan.


A team from Bruntwood at Alderley Park helped with painting and also supplied the vital contacts needed to complete the work.

Louise said: “The slogan is ‘rediscovered treasures’  summing up the feel of a shop packed with great quality hand-picked pre-loved clothes and furniture.

“It offers sustainable shopping for you and your home and will be an exciting addition to the village  experience.”