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Van Volunteers help on furniture rounds

More volunteers are wanted to help on the furniture rounds run by East Cheshire Hospice.

The scheme is thriving with the charity van out and about collecting and delivering items six days a week.

Furniture sales generate around £13,000 a month, a vital source of revenue for the Hospice which needs £9,362 every day to operate.

Items are collected from donors to take to Hospice shops or delivered to buyers’ homes.

Furniture van volunteers Richard Raymond (left) and John Wilkinson. 

Commercial manager Louise Delany said: “Shifts are flexible and are usually one day a week, starting at 9 am and finishing at 3 pm.

“Volunteers start with one day a week because it’s quite a hard job and physically demanding. There’s often room on the rota if people want to do more.

“Volunteers are usually retired or semi-retired and are matched with people sharing the same interests.

“No experience is required. We need drivers and a mate, who doesn’t necessarily have to drive. The pairs often swap roles.

“The schedule is organised and typically the volunteers will do six trips a day. A dolly is used for furniture.”

The Hospice is looking for good quality furniture to sell in its shops at Chestergate, Thornton Square, Poynton and Handforth.

Louise said: “The shops are doing really well and our furniture range is hugely popular.

“Our donors are extremely generous, providing us with good quality furniture to sell on to our loyal customers.”

* To find out more email or call 01625 665682

Festive cards on sale at East Cheshire Hospice

To purchase Christmas cards please visit

East Cheshire Hospice is hoping for another merry Christmas selling festive cards.

The charity raises around £20,000 each year from supporters buying packs of 10 cards for £4 and pocket diaries for £2.

They are available at Hospice shops in Thornton Square and Chestergate in Macclesfield, plus its Handforth and Poynton outlets.

Libraries at Macclesfield and Wilmslow and Knutsford Cinema are also selling them until Saturday Dec 9.

Hospice volunteer Caroline Taylor (left) with commercial manager Louise Delany.

Cards are also available from the Hospice reception, the Hospice website and via leaflets sent to supporters. Postal sales incur an admin charge.

Commercial Manager Louise Delany said: “Our Christmas cards are always big sellers and a great way to support the Hospice.

“They’re excellent quality with nice designs and we’d urge customers to hurry up and buy them as certain designs sell out quickly.”

The Hospice is enjoying another healthy retail year with high demand for items donated by supporters.

Louise said: “The support from customers and donors is amazing. Long may that continue because every pound generated goes directly to the care of patients, their families and carers.

“Staff put in a tremendous amount of hard work, going above and beyond. Social media posts help and our shops are full of a variety of goods, from a £1 rail up to designer wear.

“Furniture is always a good seller and we’d like more if possible. We offer free collection and also carry out house clearances.”

* For further details call 07917 942273 or email

Rug sale is back!

Another major rug sale is under way thanks to a generous gift to East Cheshire Hospice.

The Hospice has been given 650 new rugs of all shapes and sizes which are available at its four shops.

A distribution centre in Buxton has gifted the items to the Hospice which hopes the new sale is as lucrative as the last one.

The Hospice received between £55,000 and £60,000 from the sale of 1,400 rugs which were handed over as surplus stock in early 2022.

The new batch were bought online from an American company by its UK customers.

Volunteers helping with the rug delivery. From left, Richard Raymond, Rod King, Iain Donald, Lawrence Robinson, Charlie Seddon and Pete Broughton.

However, the buyers decided for various reasons they did not want the items, so the centre in Derbyshire has chosen to donate them to the Hospice rather than go to the expense of sending them back to the USA.

Hospice Commercial Manager Louise Delany said: “We’re thrilled to have received another kind donation of rugs and want to thank the company who supplied them again.

“Carrying them around may be hard work for staff and volunteers, but it’s well worth the effort because of the huge reward they bring for the Hospice.

“Our customers flocked to our shops last time to snap up bargains and hopefully they’ll do the same with this latest delivery.

“All the proceeds from sales go directly to fund patient care, which is an important thing to remember.”

The rugs are now on sale at shops in Poynton, Handforth, Thornton Square and Chestergate, which received smaller-sized rugs due to less space.

Macclesfield company DoorCo are storing some rugs until the shops need fresh supplies.

Louise said: “The rugs have accumulated at the distribution centre over a period of time. They’re brand new, but customers didn’t want them because they may have been the wrong colour, shape or size.

“Rather than roll them back up and ship them back to the States the centre offered them to us.

“Hopefully, it’ll provide another huge boost to our retail income if people buy them like they did last time.

“Our shops are thriving at the moment and we’re so grateful to those who donate items and also buy them.

“We’re always on the lookout for recycled furniture which is so popular in our stores.”

* To donate furniture call co-ordinator Toni Walsh on 07917 942273 or email

Bargain hunters are helping East Cheshire Hospice

Bargain hunters are helping East Cheshire Hospice translate commercial success into vital care for patients.

The four shops run by the charity, at Chestergate and Thornton Square in Macclesfield and in Poynton and Handforth, bring in more than £50,000 a month.

About half of that revenue is profit which goes directly towards looking after patients, either at the Hospice or via Hospice @Home.

Around £10,000 a month is generated from selling recycled furniture donated by the public. Smaller antique items are sold at the Chestergate shop, with larger goods on display at the other outlets.

A lot of stock is sold via the shops’ Facebook sites and the Hospice thanks supporters who both donate and buy.

Hospice commercial manager Louise Delany said: “Without the income from our shops, we wouldn’t be able to provide the same care for patients, their families and carers.

“The Chestergate shop, which opened last May, is thriving. In fact, we are lucky enough to receive very good donations at all our shops which helps us generate a regular and sustainable income for the Hospice.”

Lindsay McDonald, manager of the new East Cheshire Hospice shop on Chestergate.

The Hospice has a new hotline for furniture co-ordinator Toni Walsh, so that donors can contact her directly to arrange for furniture to be collected. Her number is 07917 942273 or you can email

Louise added: “Furniture is always a good seller. Last week we sold a high-end sofa for £1,000, but the shops are also a great way to pick up quality bargain pieces too. We do ask that items must be clean with no scratches, unless of antique value.

“Our staff are so enthusiastic. Whether they’re selling furniture, handbags or clothing you can rest assured they’re going to work hard to get the right price for it, to help the Hospice as much as we can.”

Joanne Griffiths has just started as an assistant manager, with Louise Anderson taking up a similar role this month.

The shops generated £60,000 from new surplus rugs donated last winter. They have also been known to receive new stock by top designer brands like Gucci, Barbour and Yves Saint Laurent.

Louise said: “We can’t guarantee these donations, but occasionally when they happen it helps enormously. We’re so grateful to all our donors but of course it’s really exciting when we receive something extra special.”

Although all donations are appreciated, the Hospice requests that they are not left outside shops when closed as they can be damaged. For example, a number of quality woollen jumpers were ruined recently after being left in a bag in the rain.

Energy Costs at East Cheshire Hospice Shops

East Cheshire Hospice is reminding the public of the availability of its charity shops as a possible way of dealing with the cost of living crisis.

The charity is aware customers have less to spend on clothes and other items because of the sharp rise in energy prices.

It is therefore inviting the community to grab a bargain by visiting one of its four shops.

The Hospice has stores at Chestergate and Thornton Square, plus outlets in Poynton and Handforth.

Lindsay McDonald, manager of the East Cheshire Hospice shop on Chestergate.

Commercial manager Louise Delany said: “Times are tough for people and we’re well aware of that.

It won’t be easy to afford things like clothing, furniture and electricals in the same way.

“So perhaps it is timely to remind customers that we have some great offers available, both in our shops and online at our Facebook pages.

“We’re lucky to receive some wonderful donations – from sofas to designer clothing, to homeware and electricals. You really could kit out your whole house with items from our shops.

“By buying from us, our customers are also helping care for patients with life-limiting illnesses.

It’s also worth remembering that recycling goods is also good sustainable practice.”

At the same time, the Hospice itself is having to closely monitor its own energy costs with its premises on Millbank Drive and the four shops facing steep price hikes in future.

The Hospice reopened its Chestergate shop in May, a move that has proved popular with customers.

The shop is managed by Lindsay McDonald.

Volunteering at Chestergate shop

Volunteering is how Sue Brumby is repaying East Cheshire Hospice for caring for her late husband Lawrence.

He died in 2017 and spent four nights at the Hospice, just three months after the Macclesfield couple had celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

The care for Lawrence (68), who worked for ICI, was so good that Sue wanted to stay within the Hospice family.

Hospice volunteer Sue Brumby at the Chestergate charity shop.

Sue said: “Lawrence had an inoperable liver tumour and nothing could be done for him.

“The Hospice went that extra mile and I was able to stay with him at the Hospice. I wanted to give something back since they were so kind to our family.”

Sue worked for Tesco for almost 25 years before retiring, retail skills which are now being put to good use at the charity’s shops at Thornton Square and Chestergate.

Sue said: “I volunteer one morning each week at both shops. The Chestergate shop has a completely new look and it’s great to welcome our customers back.”

Chestergate reopened last month after closing due to the pandemic.

Hospice commercial manager Louise Delaney said: “Sue’s an example of the support and dedication shown by the community towards the Hospice.

“We couldn’t do without our volunteers and if there’s anyone else out there who wants to give time please get in touch.

“The Chestergate store is also in need of donations of clothing and accessories. We’d also like electrical items, but no toys and books.”

Any interested volunteers can call 01625 511997.

Toni’s Hospice Journey

A bride’s wedding day is always special, but for Toni Walsh it was an even more emotional occasion.

She knew her husband Tim Longden had only days left to live.

The Macclesfield couple were married at East Cheshire Hospice in February 2020, weeks after Tim had been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

They had been together for 12 years, having known each other for 20 years.

Toni popped the question while Tim lay in a hospital bed, just before he was told nothing more could be done.

Tim was transferred to the Hospice where the chaplain made wedding arrangements for the following day.

A social media appeal for help to make their day special prompted a flood of donations.

Tim and Toni on their wedding day.

Toni said: “The support from the community was overwhelming. It was absolutely amazing. I had six offers of wedding dresses and two people stayed up all night making wedding cakes.

“We were supplied with a buffet and I had my hair and make-up done. Tim couldn’t walk by then so they wheeled him into the chapel for our blessing.

“Our wedding was on the same day as my mum Kath’s birthday and she’d died the year before aged 64.

“It was a lovely day under the circumstances.  Tim hadn’t really got any symptoms before. He’d just started missing words and slurring his speech and thought he might have had a stroke.

“He managed to say his name and ‘I do’ and was aware what was happening. Then, unfortunately, he went downhill and died 12 days later.”

The couple worked for BT for many years and after Tim’s death at the age of 50, Toni left to volunteer at the Hospice’s charity shop in Poynton.

She is now assistant manager at its Thornton Square store where customers have generously donated in a bucket for a fundraising challenge.

Toni at Thornton Square charity shop where she is assistant manager.

Toni, with Tim’s sister Rachel Richards and her husband Mark, are trekking across the Sahara in November in a Hospice event.

Toni said: “We’re calling ourselves The Three Camels. I’m so unfit and it’s a massive task for me in the heat, but it’ll be an amazing experience in Tim’s memory and I want to give something back to the Hospice.

“The support I’ve had in the shop has been incredible and I can’t thank the community enough for the spirit and love shown two years ago and ever since.”

Toni Walsh with in-laws Rachel and Mark Richards. 


*To sponsor them visit

East Cheshire Hospice’s Chestergate shop opening!

A shop run by East Cheshire Hospice has reopened more than two years after closing its doors.

Now the charity shop on Chestergate has made an urgent appeal for donations of clothing and accessories to put on sale.

The store greeted its first customers on Saturday (May 7), reviving the Hospice’s town centre retail presence.

The Chestergate premises have undergone a major refurbishment over the last few weeks to give it a completely new look.

The store had to close in March 2020 when the pandemic meant social distancing was impractical  due to space restrictions.

It became a bereavement centre briefly, but the Hospice realised the venue was unsuitable and are delighted it has now returned to its former retail use.

Hospice Commercial Manager Louise Delany said: “It’s great to be back in the town centre and although we’re in familiar surroundings, it’s a fresh new shop with a stylish and elegant interior.

“It looks and feels completely different than before, with a bright and modern yet rustic atmosphere throughout its two floors.

“There’s something for everyone here and we’d love it if people came along to see us.

“I must stress that we’re in need of more donations and now that we’ve opened hopefully people will drop by with items we can sell.

“We’d be grateful if supporters can look in their wardrobes and dig out any good quality clothing and bric-a-brac. We also want electrical items, but no toys and books.”

The shop is managed by Lindsay McDonald who previously worked at the Hospice’s Thornton Square shop.  It will be open six days per week (Mon- Sat 9.30 am to 4.30 pm). The charity also has shops in Poynton and Handforth.

Lindsay McDonald, manager of the new East Cheshire Hospice shop on Chestergate.

Hospice Marketing Manager Luke Brightmore said:  “Our retail shops are a hugely important part of our fundraising, and also an important connection to our community.

“Not only does selling your donated clothing, furniture and goods help raise vital funds for the Hospice and the work we do, but having these locations out in our communities where people can visit, interact and support us really helps to maintain that special bond that we have with our community.

“The new shop on Chestergate sells only the most beautiful pieces of clothing, accessories and other pre-loved items, and is also eco-conscious, striving for little to no unnecessary waste.”

The shop also needs  volunteers. Anyone interested can call 01625 511997.

Become a volunteer van driver!

East Cheshire Hospice is appealing for volunteer van drivers to help move furniture.

The role involves collecting furniture from donors’ homes and delivering items to the charity’s shops in Macclesfield, Poynton and Handforth.

The stock then needs to be taken out to customers’ homes.

Commercial manager Louise Delany said: “We’d love people to join our retail van crew and shifts are usually from 9 am until early afternoon.

“Volunteers can commit to once a week, once a fortnight, or on an ad hoc basis, depending on availability.

Volunteer van drivers John Mellor (left) and Tim Hine.

“Our team love what they do. It’s friendly and rewarding and really helps raise vital funds for our Hospice.

“We can raise about £10,000 a month from furniture donations and that makes a big difference to us.  Helpers are also raising the profile of the Hospice.

“Every time our van goes out in the neighbourhood, it makes the Hospice that bit more visible, and our volunteers are representing us.

“No experience is required, but you must be fit enough to move furniture around with a colleague. You don’t necessarily have to drive – we also need people to help carry items.”

* To apply, contact or call 01625 408992.

Meanwhile, the Hospice raised around £30,000 from a rug sale. Some 1,400 surplus rugs were donated to the Hospice. Around 500 are left and are on sale at the charity shops.

January Rug Sale

A massive rug sale is under way thanks to a generous gift to East Cheshire Hospice.

East Cheshire Hospice are selling new rugs of all shapes and sizes at its three shops at Thornton Square and in Handforth and Poynton.

Some 1400 rugs which were surplus stock were donated to the Hospice, with all proceeds going directly to fund patient care.

Hospice shop manager Pete Gorton and furniture co-ordinator Michele Slack with just a few of the rugs.  

The Hospice has also arranged a special sale at Macclesfield community centre – formerly Macclesfield senior citizens hall – on Duke Street.

The centre will be open for the rug sales from 10 am until 4 pm on three successive Saturdays, starting from January 8.

Commercial manager Louise Delany said: “It’s first come, first served basically at our three shops but because we’ve got so many we haven’t enough room to display as many as we’d like.

“Therefore, we’ve set up an opportunity for potential buyers to view them at our sales days at the community centre.

“There’s already been a big demand, but we’ve got hundreds of high quality rugs for sale, mostly for less than half the retail price.

“There’s a huge assortment of sizes, colours, patterns and prices.

“If people want to grab a great bargain then I suggest they visit our shops quickly, or come along on one of the three Saturdays.”