Bargain hunters are helping East Cheshire Hospice - East Cheshire Hospice

Bargain hunters are helping East Cheshire Hospice

Bargain hunters are helping East Cheshire Hospice translate commercial success into vital care for patients.

The four shops run by the charity, at Chestergate and Thornton Square in Macclesfield and in Poynton and Handforth, bring in more than £50,000 a month.

About half of that revenue is profit which goes directly towards looking after patients, either at the Hospice or via Hospice @Home.

Around £10,000 a month is generated from selling recycled furniture donated by the public. Smaller antique items are sold at the Chestergate shop, with larger goods on display at the other outlets.

A lot of stock is sold via the shops’ Facebook sites and the Hospice thanks supporters who both donate and buy.

Hospice commercial manager Louise Delany said: “Without the income from our shops, we wouldn’t be able to provide the same care for patients, their families and carers.

“The Chestergate shop, which opened last May, is thriving. In fact, we are lucky enough to receive very good donations at all our shops which helps us generate a regular and sustainable income for the Hospice.”

Lindsay McDonald, manager of the new East Cheshire Hospice shop on Chestergate.

The Hospice has a new hotline for furniture co-ordinator Toni Walsh, so that donors can contact her directly to arrange for furniture to be collected. Her number is 07917 942273 or you can email

Louise added: “Furniture is always a good seller. Last week we sold a high-end sofa for £1,000, but the shops are also a great way to pick up quality bargain pieces too. We do ask that items must be clean with no scratches, unless of antique value.

“Our staff are so enthusiastic. Whether they’re selling furniture, handbags or clothing you can rest assured they’re going to work hard to get the right price for it, to help the Hospice as much as we can.”

Joanne Griffiths has just started as an assistant manager, with Louise Anderson taking up a similar role this month.

The shops generated £60,000 from new surplus rugs donated last winter. They have also been known to receive new stock by top designer brands like Gucci, Barbour and Yves Saint Laurent.

Louise said: “We can’t guarantee these donations, but occasionally when they happen it helps enormously. We’re so grateful to all our donors but of course it’s really exciting when we receive something extra special.”

Although all donations are appreciated, the Hospice requests that they are not left outside shops when closed as they can be damaged. For example, a number of quality woollen jumpers were ruined recently after being left in a bag in the rain.

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