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Who Are The Women And What Do They Want?

East Cheshire Hospice has been part of Jill Harding’s life since her late mum was a patient 18 years ago.

Jill held her wedding reception there shortly after Mary Barber was admitted. A few days later her mum died of stomach cancer, aged 58.

Jill became a volunteer and for the last decade has worked there as a health care assistant.

She said: “I always say mum’s gift to me was introducing me to the Hospice. Mum loved Matt and really wanted to see us married.”

Fellow What Women Want member Julie Barnes remembers the Hospice caring for her late mother-in-law Maureen Barnes.

Julie, a Placement Officer for Total People, said: “The Hospice were unbelievable, it was the highlight of Maureen’s week visiting the Sunflower Centre.”

Julie and Jo Millward call the numbers at disco bingo nights at Tytherington School which loyally supports the fundraisers. Julie’s mum Sheila Gilman is a staunch WWW supporter after the Hospice lovingly cared for her best friend Marlene.

Retired microbiologist Elaine Burgess runs the group’s finances. She said: “They all have marvellous ideas and I’m the sense checker and rein them in if they get carried away.

“It’s about raising funds for the Hospice, giving people value for money, having a good time and friendship. We’re all there for everybody.

“We’ve had a brilliant time and done some mad things with the odd embarrassing moment, like the belly dancer who couldn’t dance and a snake charmer with a snake the size of a worm.”

The What Women Want logo designed by artist Sarah Smith.

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