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Welcome to the team!

After a career in catering, Michelle Brown is used to spinning a lot of plates.

Multi tasking is certainly required in her role as the new general services manager at East Cheshire Hospice.

Michelle is part of a strong team behind the scenes ensuring the Hospice runs smoothly. Their roles are just as important as the front-line nurses delivering care to patients.

Michelle Brown, the new General Services Manager at East Cheshire Hospice.

Catering, maintenance and housekeeping all fall under Michelle’s wide remit. So, too, compliance to meet changes in legislation relating to food hygiene, health and safety, or any other issues.

Michelle can call on the Hospice handy man, or any other service contractor, to fix anything from a broken light bulb, or faulty washing machine.

She said: “I don’t know how to physically fix everything in here, but it’s knowing how to get the right people to do it. My job is also about negotiating contracts and understanding who your suppliers are.”

Michelle’s background is contract catering. Her previous job was as operations manager for 17 schools and colleges, a link with the education sector which stretches back as many years.

However, the pandemic gave her food for thought.

She said: “When I sat back and reflected during lockdown, I realised I wanted to give something back and just had to apply.

“Our aim is to give people the best possible care, whether it’s nursing, food, surroundings, or facilities.

“Clearly, the Hospice has always set such high standards and I just want to be part of that and see what I can add to make a difference. It’s a lovely environment and people are happy and friendly.”

Michelle, who works closely with head chef Ray Hamilton, also has a catering background in restaurants, care homes and a hospital after she trained initially in hotel management.

Michelle said:  “As time goes on and you progress into management, you tend to go more into the operational side of things to expand your knowledge and skills.

“It has tended to be a male-dominated role, but we’ve moved on a little bit now and I think women are being more recognised for these roles.”

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