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Warren Greveson’s Care

Vanessa Greveson has given an emotional account of how East Cheshire Hospice provided help when it was most needed.

Her talented musician husband Warren died of cancer in October 2019, spending his last three weeks as a Hospice inpatient. He was 63.

His health was declining when the couple moved to Macclesfield from Anglesey that summer.

Vanessa said: “He was pretty poorly by then. There comes a time in caring for someone when the drug regime needs frequent adjustment and you need instant advice from your medical team. However, you can’t always get hold of the right people just at the right moment.

“We came into the Hospice and that was brilliant. An enormous burden of responsibility had been lifted off my shoulders.

“I knew that someone else was going to know whether to up the syringe driver drugs, and manage any changes.

“I no longer had to relay anything to anyone. I could enjoy being with Warren, though sadly not for long enough.

“What neither of us had anticipated was the effect of the positive, supportive and very caring approach of everyone at the Hospice for us both. We were very happy in those last days together.”

Warren was a composer and producer, writing orchestral music electronically in his studio.

One of his most innovative works was a 2018 album inspired by the Voyager space missions. It was performed at festivals in Anglesey and Orlando. He died before his final work could be performed and released on CD.

Warren in his music studio.

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