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March Through March

 Join the March Through March Challenge and walk 300,000 steps in March for the Hospice! 

What is March through March?

Ever heard of March through March? It’s a month-long fitness challenge daring you to reach 300,000 steps! No need to be a fitness pro – this challenge lets you set your own new year’s fitness goals, all while making a positive impact on a community dealing with life-limiting illnesses. 🎇

Whether you’re a regular walker or just starting out, March through March is for everyone. Your challenge, your way – walk, run, or team up with friends and family. Spread those steps out over a month or jump ahead – it’s your choice! This challenge is open to everyone, so let’s all tackle it together for a fantastic cause. 👟 March through March sign up form.

 Why Participate?

🚶‍♂️🏃‍♀️ Fitness Boost: Embrace the 300,000-step challenge to not only help improve your physical health but also work wonders for your mental wellbeing, providing a holistic approach to personal wellness. By Marching through March, we promise that you will feel a great sense of accomplishment.

🤝 Community Spirit: Join a lively community of participants, sharing the journey towards better health and giving back to the community. Feel the uplifting spirit of the community as we stride, run, and walk together, creating a supportive network that makes the March through March challenge a shared, empowering experience.

🙌 Impactful Giving: Each step you take is a double win – benefiting your health and contributing to a noble cause. Every raised fund directly allows East Cheshire Hospice to continue to provide quality care and comfort to those in our community with a life limiting illness. So, let’s do your bit!

🎁 Free T-Shirt: As a thank you for joining the challenge, we will send you a complimentary t-shirt to proudly wear as you embark on your new fitness goal.

 How can YOU get involved?

📲 Register: Sign up for March through March in aid of East Cheshire Hospice by completing the March through March sign up form.

💬 Spread the word: Share the March through March challenge with friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours to maximise your impact and encourage more participants to join. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #March4ECH and #marchthroughmarch in any social media posts!

🏅 Set your Goal: Whether you’re aiming for 300,000 or aiming to go above and beyond, every step counts and contributes to our cause.

📝 Track your progress: Use our activity tracker (available to download below) to log and track your march count, throughout March!

💛 Fundraising: Encourage your friends and family to support your ‘March through March’ by making donations to East Cheshire Hospice. Your dedication to the challenge will inspire others to contribute and embark on their own fitness journey.