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The Silk Road brings PPE from China

The Silk Road has provided an important link for East Cheshire Hospice during the coronavirus crisis.

Vital supplies of personal protective equipment sent from China are being used by Hospice nurses treating patients.

Face masks, safety goggles and coveralls, which were delivered via Macclesfield District General Hospital, have been a massive help to the Hospice as we continue to care for patients during the pandemic.

This latest goods transfer on the historic trading route between East and West was a collaboration between community interest company Make it Macclesfield and Silk Road Horizon Ltd.

The two organisations have established cultural, social and business links between Macclesfield and the city of Xi’an where a crowd-funding project led to the purchase of equipment in short supply in the UK.

Hospice Chief Executive Karyn Johnston (left) and Assistant Nurse Practitioner Clare Preston welcome PPE from China. Driver Rick Sherry delivered the equipment on the last leg of the journey from Macclesfield District General Hospital.

Hospice Chief Executive Karyn Johnston said: “These supplies are vital in protecting our front-line nursing staff during Covid-19. I want to thank Silk Road Horizon and Make it Macclesfield for working so hard to arrange this special delivery.

“The masks are of a high safety standard, giving our nurses extra confidence and security.

“Macclesfield is proud of its silk heritage and this is another example of the long-standing links between the east and western ends of the Silk Road.”

Through contacts Silk Road Horizon’s Wen Xu, from Xi’an, arranged the delivery via air freight. Her partner Alastair Blackburn lived in Macclesfield as a child.

Mike Rance, Chair of Make it Macclesfield, said: “Wen pulled it all together and deserves our thanks for this kind act of friendship in difficult times.

“We’re proud that Macclesfield is at the western end of the Silk Road. No-one else can make such a claim, making Macclesfield unique in the north west.

“This collaborative international project illustrates the importance of our Silk Road links with China and this is something we want to build on further.”

The five Chinese companies involved in sending the aid were Shaanxi Qikang Medical Management Co, Jinzheng Group, Xi’an Hongfu Group, Shaanxi Henan Hebi Chamber of Commerce and Shaanxi Hantang Cultural and Creative Research Institute.

East Cheshire Hospice services are provided free of charge for patients with life-limiting illnesses, their families and carers. The Hospice receives only 17 per cent of its funding from government, the rest donated by the community.

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