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Sunflower Centre Live Well Feel Well update

Staff and patients hailed the success of the first Live Well Feel Well course run by East Cheshire Hospice.

It took place at the Sunflower Wellbeing Centre, which is now back to normal after Covid restricted day care activities.

Clinical co-ordinator Tracey Pearce said: “It’s great to be fully up and running again with a full programme. We have something on every day.

“We still delivered our programmes via Zoom during Covid and kept in touch with our patients, but it’s just so nice to have people back in the building.”

Tracey said: “The first two Live Well Feel Well courses have predominantly been cancer patients, but they’re open to anyone with a life-limiting illness. The courses run back-to-back.

“The first course went brilliantly and couldn’t have gone any better. Participants formed an amazing bond. Sessions are partly about peer support and encouraging open conversations.

“Live Well Feel Well is a revamped format of our old Living Well programme, but these are shorter and more intense.

Sunflower Wellbeing Centre clinical co-ordinator Tracey Pearce.

“We think we’ve come up with a winning formula and the first group tend to agree.”

The Hospice linked up with Look Good Feel Better, a charity which ran a session on make-up and skin care.

Tracey said: “This part of the course wasn’t just for the women. We had a separate session for men about looking after skin, which can get sensitive during cancer treatments.”

* To find out more call the Sunflower Wellbeing Centre on 01625 665685.

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