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Pete Chapman’s Christmas Tree Collection milestone

Volunteer Pete Chapman reached a special milestone with the latest tree collection.

It marked 25 years since Pete and wife Heather first picked up a discarded Christmas tree, starting an incredible fundraising journey.

Their dedication was recognised with a presentation by Hospice Chief Executive Karyn Johnston after the latest collection.

Pete’s family began collecting trees for charity in 1999. Two years later they decided to donate funds to East Cheshire Hospice, a kind gesture which led to a relationship still going strong today.

Pete Chapman, Karyn Johnston and Richard Raymond

The initial idea came when Heather suggested collecting trees to help buy a new organ at Prestbury Church where son Andy, then 15, sang in the choir.

Each chorister was given £10 as an incentive. The family trailer was used to pick up trees and the couple realised the fundraising potential.

Pete said: “We used the £10 note to pay for petrol to collect trees from the neighbours and raised £600 for two charities. Everyone said it was a brilliant idea and asked if we’d do it again.

“We’ve been amazed by the scheme’s success over the years. It’s been beyond our wildest dreams and has inspired dozens of similar collections around the country.”

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