Inpatient Unit - East Cheshire Hospice

Inpatient Unit

In compassionate and caring hands

When you arrive at our inpatient unit, you can expect a warm and friendly welcome from our specialist team whose top priority is your comfort and dignity – we are here to help you and your loved ones in any way we can.

What else can you expect from us?

We offer a wide range of support and services for patients and their families.

We have specialist counselling and chaplaincy teams on hand to help with your emotional and spiritual well-being. We embrace all faiths and belief systems, and our Chapel is always open.

Visiting hours for the inpatient unit are 11am-8pm 7 days a week and our hospitality embraces the whole family. Our relatives’ lounge has comfortable sofas, a TV, kitchenette and complimentary refreshments. Snacks are available 24/7 and, subject to availability, we can provide hotel-style overnight accommodation on-site.

Our patients’ lounge is a place to chat, watch TV, have a meal with your visitors and entertain the kids with a selection of toys at hand. Children and pets are welcome and are often seen about the Hospice. We aim to meet the needs of all our family members and will do our best to make your time with us as stress-free as possible.

Our nursing team will try to help with whatever’s going to make a difference to you – whether it’s a spell outside in the gardens, a soak in the bath or something more ambitious. We’ve held weddings, arranged christenings and often host birthday parties, our aim is to create happy memories.

How to donate to East Cheshire Hospice

Thank you so much for choosing to support East Cheshire Hospice. You may never know how much your gift means, but we know that it will make the world of difference to our patients and their families.