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Open Up Hospice Care Month

East Cheshire Hospice is supporting a campaign aimed at widening access to services nationally.

Open Up Hospice Care reaches out to community groups missing out on vital support, including those caring for loved ones at home.

A survey commissioned by charity Hospice UK as part of its campaign found that 72 per cent of adults believe support from a local hospice would make them feel more confident supporting a loved one with a terminal condition at home.

For its part, East Cheshire Hospice has been at the forefront of in-home care, launching its hugely successful Hospice @ Home service 18 months ago.

The ComRes survey also showed that half of UK adults (48%) are aware that hospices receive the majority of funding from fundraising and donations (e.g. via charity shops, communities, lotteries).

Almost a fifth incorrectly think that hospices receive the majority of their funding from the NHS.  East Cheshire Hospice receives under 17% of its funding from the NHS.

Amy Chatwood, Marketing Manager at the Hospice, said: “At the end of a person’s life, we only have one chance to get it right and that is why the hospice movement is there to provide expert, compassionate care.

“All the fundraising we do is to provide great care for our patients in the in-patient unit and across East Cheshire through our Hospice @Home service.  We’re sharing this sentiment across social media throughout the month and hope it inspires people to get involved with our fundraising efforts.”

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