Martin Foster runs 100 miles in 4 days - East Cheshire Hospice

Martin Foster runs 100 miles in 4 days

A brief stop in Macclesfield was part of Martin Foster’s epic journey between 10 north west hospices.

The dad-of-two ran 100 miles over four days to highlight the terrific work undertaken by hospices, including East Cheshire.

There,  Martin was greeted by nurses and other well wishers on the third day of his fundraising challenge.

Picture of Martin Foster at East Cheshire Hospice.

It was his toughest day, preceded by an 18-mile run from Willow Wood, Tameside, and followed by a 10-mile leg to St Ann’s Hospice in Heald Green.

Martin, programme lead for Greater Manchester hospices, said: “My aim was to raise the profile of the hospice sector and their wonderful work.

“People think hospices are really sad places, only existing to support those needing care at the very end of their life. Obviously, there are very sad times and end-of-life care is such an important part of what hospices offer, but so much more goes on too.

“Patients are cared for right through their journey with a range of services local people simply wouldn’t have access to if hospices didn’t exist.

“They rely heavily on their communities fundraising and, having worked so closely with them, I just had to put my trainers on and do my bit to support them.”

East Cheshire Hospice is the second lowest funded in the country, receiving 17 per cent of the income it needs to keep going from government. It costs £7,500 a day to provide palliative care for patients, their family and carers.

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