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Lee Wadsworth to make a charity single

Losing his mum and pet cat has persuaded songwriter Lee Wadsworth to make a charity single.

His haunting melody The Price of Love is now raising funds for East Cheshire Hospice, a cause close to his heart.

Lee, a nurse practitioner, suffered grief late last year when his 90-year-old mum Mary died, followed shortly afterwards by his oldest cat Redster.

Lee, whose singing name is Mister Lee, said: “I wrote the song while going through two grief reactions. It made me think about grief and how we and other people attempt to measure it.

“People try to quantify others’ grief saying it’s only a dog, or a cat, or an old lady but the message of the song is to let people have their own grief and simply try to help them.

Songwriter Lee Wadsworth and artist Ginny McDermott with the charity single artwork.

“I dedicate this song to both them and what they meant to me. It doesn’t matter what or who you have lost, it’s what they meant to you.”

Lee, from Macclesfield, has performed before to raise money for the Hospice. He also wrote a song called Sunshine in memory of a friend tragically killed in an accident.

He said: “I’m a hobby musician and have co-written three albums, though I haven’t composed any songs for a while and tend to need something in my mind to write about.

“The process of writing this song has certainly helped me to heal from my grief. It’s been therapy, helping me express my emotions.

“I want to support the Hospice as my mum would have benefitted from hospice care during her illness. Unfortunately, where she lived in Hyde she wasn’t able to access such services soon enough.

“The hospice movement provides great care and expertise helping people and their loved ones to have more dignified and comfortable passing.

“I know hospices rely heavily on charitable donations and East Cheshire Hospice needs £7,500 a day to survive. Hopefully, my single will raise awareness of the care they provide.”

The front cover of the single is a beautiful drawing by local landscape artist Ginny McDermott, a Hospice shop volunteer and supporter. It depicts Lee walking with his mum and cat, with his guitar on his back.

Lee said: “Ginny’s wonderful image can be interpreted as walking on life’s journey together, or perhaps to the gates of heaven.”

* To download Lee’s song and donate to his fundraising visit justgiving.com/page/lee-wadsworth-1696689319579.

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