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Hospice on Lockdown

East Cheshire Hospice has suspended some of its services and postponed fundraising events because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Hospice has been forced to take the drastic measures to comply with government advice to prevent the spread of the virus.

Outpatient appointments at its Sunflower Centre are suspended until further notice along with Hospice day programmes.

The Hospice will use telehealth technology to look after its patients remotely.

Meanwhile, the Hospice @Home service and inpatient wards will use extra screening questions to protect patients and staff.

Families are being asked to limit visiting whenever possible to reduce the risk of cross-infection.

Reception and ward volunteers aged under 70 are being asked to report for their normal duties.

However, all other volunteers are being requested to stay away from the Hospice for at least two weeks from when the guidelines were issued (Tue March 17).

Non-clinical staff have been set up with equipment to enable them to work from home.

The Hospice has cancelled some of its fundraising activities which is a major blow to an organisation which needs to raise £7,500 a day to keep going.

The Hospice said it is experiencing financial challenges like many other charities and has thanked its donors for their ‘continued support during this exceptionally difficult time.’

Hospice Chief Executive Karyn Johnston said: “We must adhere strictly to government guidelines while doing our utmost to ensure our patients continue to receive the best possible care.

“That care continues during this pandemic, ensuring that our patients and their families still receive the same support which is so essential during end-of-life care.

“Our patients and families have been so accommodating in these are unprecedented times and we sincerely hope these measures will have the minimum impact on all those affected.

“They have been most understanding and so too have been our supporters and volunteers. We have received many messages of support which will provide us with great strength in the challenging weeks ahead.

“During these uncertain times it’s important that our local community continues to support its local Hospice. The loss of revenue from fundraising events is a severe blow, but our expertise and care will be needed more than ever, and we sincerely hope that our supporters will help us as much as they possibly can.”

East Cheshire Hospice Chief Executive Karyn Johnston.

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