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Hospice Fundraising Assistant Nik Kalka

Nik Kalka admits he often struggled with answers at quizzes in aid of East Cheshire Hospice.

He was too busy serving drinks from the bar, but he knew instantly what answer to give when offered a job as a fundraiser at the charity earlier this year.

His enthusiastic reply was an emphatic Yes to a cause which is close to his heart for so many reasons.

The best reason of all was remembering how well the Hospice cared for his close friend Sam Burt.

Sam Burt who was cared for by East Cheshire Hospice.

Sam, who grew up in Sutton, had been diagnosed with a brain tumour 10 years earlier. The IT technician at Fallibroome Academy died in 2017, aged 27.

Nik said: “Sam was involved with the quizzes for four years until he passed away in 2017 after helping raise more than £16,000 for the Hospice.

“Ironically, that was about the amount it costs to pay for the care for the three days and two nights he spent at the Hospice.

“He was determined to make the best out of life despite his diagnosis. The odd seizure slowed him down, but he still threw himself into everything.

“Sam had time for everyone and was a genuinely kind and friendly guy.

“He got lots of support accessing the Hospice services. It’s a special place, something I already knew before I came here.

“But once I joined and understood more about the Hospice, its different services, the staff and how they treat patients and each other, it’s even more special than I imagined.

“It’s quite unique and universally loved within our region.

“Once someone has experienced our services, they invariably become a lifelong supporter.”

The regular quiz nights at Marlborough Primary School were not Nik’s first introduction to East Cheshire Hospice.

Nik Kalka taking the strain during a fundraising event for East Cheshire Hospice by carrying fellow supporter Rob Gorton.

He said: “I knew the quiz answers, but they weren’t necessarily the right ones!

“I first came to the Hospice in 2003 as a teenager in the army cadets when I helped at fetes.

“Then I got involved with the quiz nights through Sam Baker, from Olympus Trophies, a long-standing supporter of the Hospice.

“A quiz support group run by Alison Brammer, Paul Morrissey and Mark Watson was set up in 2013 and these events are still hugely popular, raising vast sums for the Hospice.

“Marlborough Primary School have been incredibly helpful, as have Storm Brewing.

“It’s a privilege to work at the Hospice which means so much to me.”

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