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Hospice Focus Groups

We want to hear feedback on our services from members of the community, even if they have never used our services.

The Hospice is making the appeal as part of a plan to shape its services for the future.

The Hospice’s Governance Co-ordinator Claire Duncan, who leads the Engagement and Insight Programme, said: “Feedback is central to service improvement here at East Cheshire Hospice, and we already collect feedback from our patients, their families, volunteers and members of staff.

“We have internal focus groups for departments such as the Sunflower Wellbeing Centre, our in-patient unit, Hospice @Home and our volunteer service. We monitor all the feedback we are given to make sure we’re learning from it and providing the best services we can.

“However, now we want to spread the net wider, including getting the opinions of those who may not have even heard of the Hospice and the services it provides.

“It’s possible that there are unmet needs that we are unaware of, or that some of our services are not as well known as they might be, but we won’t know that unless we talk to our community.

“We hope that this additional feedback will help us learn how we can improve our services, or create new services, based on the needs of the community.

Claire Duncan, Governance Co-ordinator at East Cheshire Hospice.


“I’d love to make contact with people who have used our services in the past, may never have heard of, or used, East Cheshire Hospice and who would be willing to join and participate in a focus group so we can extend our feedback and insight channels.”


if you’d like to join a focus group or are interested in finding out more information, please contact us on 01625 610364 or email admin@echospice.org.uk or via our website eastcheshirehospice.org.uk

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