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Hazel Buckley and her handmade goods story

Great grandmother Hazel Buckley is one of the oldest East Cheshire Hospice volunteers and one of the youngest at heart.

Hazel was 90 in February, but shows no sign of slowing down her knitting which she has done since she was seven.

Hazel, from Tytherington, helps by making handmade goods which raise funds for the charity through donations.

Knitter Hazel with great granddaughters Poppy (left), Amber and Olive (front).

Hazel said: “I’ve got a badge that says ‘When I’m sitting I’m knitting’ and that describes me perfectly. I knit whenever I’m watching television.

“I couldn’t not knit. My age is just a date on a piece of paper isn’t it? My brain is just as good as ever.

“My fingers are a bit arthritic and going a bit knobbly but they keep working. I’ll keep knitting because I enjoy the challenge.

“I don’t need a pattern and can make them up. I can crochet but prefer knitting and anything that involves using my fingers. I also paint and won second prize in a show in Sutton.”

Hazel was encouraged to knit by her mother Alice and was taught the craft at school.

Hazel Buckley with a selection of her handiwork.

She has volunteered for the Hospice for three years since going to a lunch there. Her handiwork used to be sold in a Macclesfield shop, earning enough to pay her grocery bills.

She makes gifts of all shapes and sizes, including matching Grief Bears and hearts, Easter humpties and festive designs and knits bespoke items to order.

Hazel said: “The Hospice does such a wonderful job. I don’t know how people can possibly manage without them.

“Staff are so nice and I’ve met quite a few of them. They’re lovely and devoted.”

Hazel and daughter Claire covered a bike with knitting to promote a bikeathon at Just Drop In, a centre where her other daughter Jain raised funds with a Kilimanjaro climb.

The bike Hazel and daughter Claire knitted over

Hazel has five grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren and was a GPO telephonist. She also worked as a summer temp on the main switchboard at Manchester Airport, situated in the Ops tower.

Hazel added: “It was the best job I ever had. It was exciting, especially with the buzz of working at the airport.

“The switchboard room was right on the side of the runway. We saw the planes coming in and dealt with flight inquiries as well as emergencies.”

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