Grace Williams and her family grateful of East Cheshire Hospice's support - East Cheshire Hospice

Grace Williams and her family grateful of East Cheshire Hospice’s support

East Cheshire Hospice came to the rescue not once but twice for Grace Williams and her family.

Her late husband Jon was supported in 2015 when he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour.

Then four years later her uncle Paul Waddell (62) died in the Hospice from the same illness.

Grace is raising funds for the charity through a Born Survivor event at Capesthorne Hall on Saturday, April 27.

Grace and her late husband Jon both received support from East Cheshire Hospice.

Grace said: “We thought we had our whole lives ahead of us, with a one-year-old daughter Alana. But Jon was gone three months after diagnosis, aged 30. I was 27.

“When we first walked into the Hospice it was like getting a big hug. Everything from emotional support to physical equipment Jon so desperately needed was given to us once we arrived.

“I was stressed and not eating or sleeping. The Hospice provided respite and a safe place for us, including having meals together. I didn’t want to leave Jon as I knew I didn’t have long left with him.

“They introduced us to patients, carers and nurses who made him feel he wasn’t alone. That shared experience was so powerful.

“Rooms were like home from home. It didn’t smell clinical and wasn’t formal.

Grace’s uncle and auntie, Paul and Lindsay Wadde

“Jon felt comfortable there and received complementary therapies. I had counselling with Fay Mitchell and don’t think I’d be here without her.

“Fay helped me process the trauma of what had been going on.”

Grace was still receiving counselling when her uncle was admitted.

Grace, a graphic designer, said: “Incredibly, our family, including my auntie Lindsay, found ourselves back in the world of the Hospice. Paul passed away surrounded by the same amazing people who’d looked after Jon.

“I was there a lot with my uncle and everyone still remembered me. I could even see Paul’s room from Fay’s window.

“Staff kept us well informed and gave us plenty of hugs. They did everything. It sounds stupid but they would appear next to you with a brew.

“It was like they had a sixth sense of what will help. Working at the Hospice is definitely a calling in life.

“If I could afford to quit my job, I’d be there like a shot to volunteer. I feel I’ve got so much to give back to them which is why I’m doing this challenge.”

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