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Gathering for ‘Gathering’

After months of enjoying the camaraderie of teamwork, international artist Susie MacMurray is now embarking on the last stages of her newest art creation.

After six months of painstaking sewing supported by 10 volunteers, Susie’s art installation, Gathering, is now in its final stages and will be set to move to Tatton Park in just over 10 days’ time.

Inspired by East Cheshire Hospice, the installation features 3,750 elements of red velvet and barbed wire which Susie is now threading onto the wires that will suspend the installation from the Mansion’s grand rotunda. It will be on display from June 27 to October 6 as part of Art Fair Cheshire 2019.

Susie said: “This final stage is an intricate process and is a solo effort.

“I’ve got a very clear vision of what I want it to look like and pulling it together is like handwriting – my individual interpretation.

“But it’s still a very collaborative piece and it’s been a very meaningful experience to work with the volunteer helpers who’ve all brought their own individual traits to the artwork.”

Susie’s helpers were all volunteers from the Hospice and the group spent many hours at her studio sharing memories of lost loved ones.

Susie, whose husband John died 12 years ago, said the work reflected the whole idea of the piece which is a gathering of people to support each other and share memories.

“We have had so many meaningful, intimate, hilarious and sad conversations whilst working on this piece,” she says.

“The Hospice is such a catalyst for extraordinary acts of kindness, generosity and care and the people who worked with me over the last six months illustrated that.”

The volunteers haven’t yet said goodbye to the artwork. They will once again spring into action to help Susie gently move the installation to Tatton Park where it will take up to a week to secure into place.

Using scaffolding to hang from the Mansion’s rotunda, it will eventually drop down two floors through the staircase atrium .

Afterwards, individual elements will be sold for a £30 donation to the hospice, with small wall pieces also on sale.

Susie has also painted a water colour of Gathering. A limited edition of 75 signed and numbered prints costs £225 each. All proceeds to the Hospice.

For more information visit  The project is supported by Arts Council England and The Arts Society.

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