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Forest Therapy Group Feedback

“It gave me a ray of relief and hope in a very dark time” … just one poignant remark from a bereaved member of the Forest Therapy group.

Feedback to the Macclesfield Forest walks has been highly encouraging. Comments from participants include …

“The group provides an amazingly supportive and welcoming lifeline for those suffering with grief and bereavement. It has restored my faith in my own ability to keep living and to find a way forward.”

Members of the Forest Therapy Group enjoy a relaxing walk.

“We realised we’re all feeling the same kind of emotions or have felt that way and got through that stage. That makes you feel stronger to know you’re getting somewhere.”

 “We all got on so well and really bonded. I was so sad it finished. We’re all going to keep in touch to talk and arrange walks which feels the right thing to do.”

“The Forest Therapy was crucial for me, finding a wonderful group of people all honest and beautifully kind. Being surrounded by nature and able to reflect was priceless.”

“I would highly recommend these sessions for anyone who has lost someone close to them.”

“Reflecting on everything around me in the forest gave a sense of calm and peace which has been missing. Just the act of being surrounded by nature, with people who didn’t judge if I cried, made me feel safe and relaxed.”

* The Hospice’s bereavement services also offer one-to-one counselling either face to face, over the telephone and online, or through groups and workshops.

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