Encouragement from previous Firewalk participant - East Cheshire Hospice

Encouragement from previous Firewalk participant

Sarah Hammond has a message for anyone frightened of a Firewalk – you won’t regret it!

She overcame her fears last year and urges others to join the next walk over hot coals at East Cheshire Hospice on Thursday, October 27, at 6 pm.

Last year’s Firewalk entrants. 

Sarah, from Tytherington, was in a team with Katy Littler, Lucy Woolrich and Kelly Eyton-Jones from Equilibrium Financial Planning LLP who raised over £3,000 for the charity.

Sarah said: “I’d definitely recommend it, as much for the experience and the feeling of achievement once you’ve done it.

Sarah Hammond who took part in a Firewalk in aid of East Cheshire Hospice.

“Cliff, the organiser, is a brilliant motivator and during his safety briefing explained the science behind it.

“It didn’t hurt one bit. It’s the most bizarre thing and the feeling afterwards is just elation. We were a little fearful once we arrived and got our t-shirts, but after Cliff’s pep talk there was excitement and anticipation.

“You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but he made us believe we could walk on fire.”

The Hospice has places left. Entry is £30 and participants must be 16 or over. Visit eastcheshirehospice.org.uk/events/firewalk/ to register.

Sarah is Head of Best Practice at Equilibrium, a corporate Hospice supporter. Sarah has also completed Born Survivor and the Hospice to Hospice Hike to raise vital funds in 2022.

Sarah said: “Living nearby, I witness first-hand the fantastic care the Hospice give for people at end-of-life and with respite help. I wanted to give something back to help raise money.”

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