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Denise takes on Firewalk

Yoga teacher Denise Fraser-King describes herself as a ‘wimp’ but she walked where many others would not dare treading on hot coals.

Stepping over burning embers in a Firewalk at East Cheshire Hospice did not worry Denise after the ordeal she has faced over the last six months.

The sudden loss of husband Simon aged 62, in June turned her world upside down.

Simon, an IT consultant, died six weeks after he was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer which spread through his body.  His last eight days were in the care of the Hospice.

Denise Fraser-King (right) with her sister Jean Ham after their Firewalk.

Denise said: “Simon was fit and active and when the cancer came out of the blue it was a massive shock.

“You want the best for a loved one and we had to fight a lot of battles during his illness.

“But I didn’t have to do any of that once he went into the Hospice. I felt comfortable, knowing he was somewhere he was being looked after.

“It changed how everything was for us. The care was superb.  They were looking after me as well.

“As soon as he got there you see that, even though he was poorly, the burden had been taken off us both.

“They just held my hand basically, pushing me to look after myself as well. It was a Godsend at a time when basically you’re not even thinking in a logical way.

“You need other people to help you as much as possible. They see it every day and took over.

Simon King who was a patient at East Cheshire Hospice.

“It’s such a lovely place. The way it feels and everything they do for families.

“When I was told he was going into a Hospice, I thought ‘Oh, doom and gloom and I don’t fancy that.’

“The thought of everyone dying, but it doesn’t feel like that when you’re there. It felt pleasant and nice, with an uplifting atmosphere.”

Denise’s sister Jean Ham organised a dog show at her home in North Wales to raise funds for the Hospice.

Denise, a hynotherapy student, said: “Part of dealing with things is throwing yourself into something and that’s what I’ve been doing.

“I wanted to give something back. I’m a bit of a wimp, but the Firewalk didn’t bother me. It was a case of mind over matter.”

More than 30 firewalkers took part, including supporters from Adelphi Group Ltd.

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