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Dementia services at East Cheshire Hospice

A range of dementia care services are available to East Cheshire Hospice patients.

They include one-to-one sessions, either at the Hospice or at home, if appropriate.

Admiral Nurse Debbie Callow said: “Generally we pick up on people who come to the Hospice and need more attention.

“This could be on the ward, via the Hospice @Home service, or through our dementia activities. We identify if those diagnosed, or the carer, needs additional support.”

An eight-week well-being programme for carers, which began in 2015, is popular. Topics include understanding dementia, benefits, legal aspects, stress, diet and nutrition and community support.

East Cheshire Hospice offers a range of dementia services.

The Hospice also has a companion service. Trained volunteers take out a patient for a couple of hours, giving carers vital respite.

Monthly singing groups, featuring live entertainment and dancing, are always well attended. Debbie said: “Someone may be losing their ability to have a conversation and forgetting certain words, but put a song on and they can remember all the words.

“That’s because the brain remembers anything with rhythm differently to everyday language. Singing helps trigger memories.”

Another activity is Love to Move, a seated exercise for over 55s described as ‘brain gymnastics.’ It improves communication, mobility, stamina and well-being.

Dementia nurse Paul Dale said: “To access Hospice services someone needs a diagnosis. They can either self-refer, or be referred by a health care professional.

“The most common symptoms are short-term memory loss, personality changes and language difficulties.”

* For general inquiries contact the Hospice dementia team on 01625 666990.

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