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Atlas Mountains Challenge

Special needs teacher Kerry Tute climbed Northern Africa’s highest mountain in memory of her mum Linda to raise money for East Cheshire Hospice.

Kerry undertook a three-day hike up Mount Toubkal in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains.

On top of the world…Kerry and her group on the summit of Mount Toubkal.

  She said: “It was the most amazing, intense and terrifying thing I’ve ever done.

“Day one was like climbing Ben Nevis in 40-plus heat and half way up you hit altitude. That day was okay.

“We camped on rock floors and I got about an hour’s sleep. We started day two, our summit day, shattered and deprived of sleep and I felt drunk because of altitude sickness.

Kerry Tute flying the flag for East Cheshire Hospice in the Atlas Mountains.

“It was tough and there were tears. The Atlas Mountains are truly majestic and it’s worth the fear to get to the top, but isn’t for the faint-hearted. It was mind over matter.

“Few tourists have been trekking mountains due to Covid and with bad winters the terrain has changed.

“At one point on the descent, we were sliding down on our bum. It was the only safe way with no secure footing. If you get it wrong, it was a sheer drop!

Kerry (left) with fellow climber Beth.

“I’d trained on boulders in the Peak District, but that was nothing. While I went out on my own, I was surrounded by truly inspirational people and have made friends for life.

“I start a new job as a headteacher in September and suddenly I’m not scared of that because this has overridden any fear of anything.”

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